5 Reasons Vacation is Good for Your Career

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5 Reasons Vacation is Good for Your Career


While it may seem counterintuitive, taking a vacation can actually help your career. Your job gives you vacation days for a reason, and it benefits you to use them. It can be tempting to spend as much time in the office as possible, working hard for a promotion, but that’s a recipe for burnout. If you’re not convinced, here are the top five reasons why vacation is good for your career.

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1. Come Back Happier

Spending too much time at work without meaningful breaks can lead to employee burnout. If you’ve been feeling stressed at work, a relaxing island getaway may be just what you need. No matter where you go, don’t forget to brush up on essential packing hacks. They’ll help you avoid that hassle of packing and allow you to leave faster. Take a week of vacation to avoid stressors and relax, and you’ll return to work a happier employee.

2. Increase Productivity

It’s exhausting to work hard day after day without an end in sight. Employees who feel like they’ve hit a wall with productivity can probably benefit from a break. When you’re on vacation, be sure to leave your work at home. After you spend a week hitting up the local spots in NYC or another great metropolis, you’ll return to work refreshed and ready to go.

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3. Learn New Languages

If you work at a global company, it’s often beneficial to know an additional language or two. The most effective way to learn a language is by immersing yourself in a place where that language is spoken. If one of your goals is to learn new languages, you can make the most of vacation time by traveling to a place that speaks your language of interest. This way, you get all the benefits of a fun vacation, while also learning a new, career-enhancing skill.

4. Reap the Benefits of Socialization

A vacation can be the perfect way to strengthen relationships in your life. If you rent a multi-passenger van, you and a group of close friends can have a blast vanning to Vegas or road tripping across the country. Spending quality time traveling with friends has a ton of proven health benefits, including improving your mental health and increasing your longevity.

5. Gain a New Perspective

Whether you take on the Thailand experience or go on a jaunt to Morocco, it can be incredibly valuable to spend time immersed in other cultures. Exposing yourself to ways of life can help expand your mind, and let you see things from new perspectives. Even a small, pleasant change in surroundings can make you feel invigorated and ready to tackle problems, when you return.

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Ready for a Vacation Trip?

Next time you go to work, check how many vacation days you have left for the year. If you have some unused days, it’s time to plan a vacation, before the opportunity slips away. No matter where you go or what you do, as long as the destination is fun and relaxing, you’ll return to work refreshed and ready to take on tasks and to-do lists with renewed vigor.

This is a guest contributed post, and the authors bio can be found below! 🙂

Author Bio – Alex G Forrester, a content marketer and consultant for AVR Van Rental Solutions, with nearly 7 years of content writing experience about everything from marketing and technology to family and travel. When he’s not brushing up against a deadline, he can be found on the beach with his black lab, Louie. You can find Alex on Twitter and Facebook.


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