Being Abundance

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The Journey into Being Abundance

Many of you might not know that this journey began in 2012 with several endings. The end of my marriage, the life of my best friend, the contact with a close family member, and my life as I had once knew it. When I decided to start this traveling, I was seeking abundance as I felt that it was seriously lacking after all the loss that was experienced in a span of only 3 weeks.

Around the end of 2012 was when I finished packing my backpack and made a dinner date with a few of my closest girl friends in Los Angeles to have one last meal and great conversation with before I was off the next morning to drive up to San Francisco, and ultimately catch my flight to Oaxaca Mexico to begin this journey.

It was at Cafe Gratitude after the dinner that I found myself unconsciously searching for something – which I was not aware of until I had my hand on it. As we were leaving, I started along the wall where the exit door could be found, and where shelves containing various organic items were on display. After I realized that I had reached for something on the top shelf, I stared in disbelief at what I had found. It was a book called The Abounding River Personal Logbook: An Unfamiliar View of Being Abundance. (available on Amazon by clicking the link) Perfect I thought. This was my answer to which book I would bring because I had previously decided that it would only be one that would come with me and it needed to have purpose.

being abundance, practicing abundance, manifest

The Abounding River Workbook is a training manual to experience a life of being provided for. Consider that scarcity (not enough love, money, time, beauty, etc.) is an inherited way of being – a view of life that we practice and fuel by widespread agreement. This book is the antidote for our obsession with scarcity. Abundance, like love or joy, is a presence that we can evoke by our conscious attention to it- to what we have already been given. It contains guided material and a 42 day journey with mantras and lessons to be practiced each day and I started right away with the learning. As I trekked through Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and the Yucatan Peninsula, I spent time being abundance. Each day I would follow the book religiously and repeat what I was absorbing, and each day I started to feel lighter and lighter. The practice of being abundance includes many categories including self worth, gratitude, generosity, love acceptance, creation/responsibility, and abundance itself.

I started to see how I was getting in my own way so to speak by letting my mind race furiously between the past and the future at warp speed. My mind was in constant distress it appeared, and was lacking the focused intention and silence needed to remain present. This part took some work.

A couple years we fast forward to the present moment and after practicing many different techniques from Qi Gong, Chakra Clearing and Healing, Meditation, Yoga, along several Spiritual trips into the Sahara desert, I feel that I have unwound and unraveled this mess that has covered who I really am for far too long. And the trip was quite a ride…

Join me on this journey into abundance and beyond as I share with you my personal experiences of what it has taken to wake up into this dream we call life and peal the layers of all that I am not, bit by bit.

It was after learning all about how to cultivate abundance in the first few months that I had been traveling that the next step was to believe it was all possible. And this new story about belief begins in good ol’ America…

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