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Norway Adventures 

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Norway is a gorgeous country that is packed with a lot of tourist places. A lot of people used to visit Norway right through the years due to its eye catching and beautiful attractions. Tourists who visit Norway can experience the northern lights, enjoy the midnight sun north of the Arctic Circle, and visit the internationally famed Norwegian fjords, fabulous mountains and glaciers. The major tourist cities in Norway are Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim and Tromso.
Norway is a perfect spot for travelers who are searching for adventures since the country encompass mountains, glaciers and deep coastal fjords. A great deal of the nature of Norway continues to be untouched, and therefore, draws several hikers and skiers. The country is known for its distinctive museums, including the Edvard Munch Museum and the Norsk Folkemuseum. Norway is also famous for fishing, hiking and skiing. Since Norway presents amazing, immaculate landscapes–fjords, mountains, waterfalls, lakes etc, every visitor can spend some quality time for outdoor activities.
The chief tourist attractions of Norway are the fjord-indented coastline, mountains, the untouched nature, and the picturesque cities and smaller towns. Let’s have a close look at some of the celebrated Adventures in Norway:

Hiking is one of the most sought after adventure activities amid travelers in Norway. Norway owns some of the most handsome mountain landscapes in the world which is bet for hiking. The country has tall peaks heightened by icy glaciers, rocky spires and profound green fjords. Hikes are worthy of consideration if you are visiting Norway, due to its awe-inspiring landscapes and best trails. The length and difficulty of the hikes differ.

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Norway is the country that offers the beauty of wildernesses and it makes the country an ideal place for hiking in the nature and the mountains. Some of the hikes are ranked top in the world and all are worthy of serious consideration if you are visiting in Norway. Reinebringen, Besseggen Ridge, Romsdalseggen ridge, Trolltunga, Kjerag, Dovrefjell, Norangsdal Valley, Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), Horseid and Bunes Beach, Across the Hardangervidda, Galdhøpiggen, Keipen, Knivskjellodden etc are most preferred hiking spots in Norway.

Skiing is another most preferential adventure activity amid visitors who travel in Norway. Norway is a the first choice amid visitors across the globe who would like to experience skiing thanks to snow covered mountain tops and often unbelievable views over the fjords and the islands at the coastline. Skiing is a way of life to the locals in Norway and the country is covered with snow up to six months each year. Hence, we can label Norway as the home of skiing.

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Cross-country skiing is a main feature of winter days in Norway. Downhill skiing and snowboarding conditions in Norway are normally great from November to late April. Hemsedal, Geilo, Holmenkollen, Beitostolen, Trysil, Voss, Lillehammer & Hafjell, Skeikampen, Fjord Region, etc are some of the main skiing centers in Norway.

Norway boasts some of the most stunning scenery in the world. Fishing is a basic element of the Norwegian way of life. Numerous lakes, rivers and far-reaching coastline offer excellent opportunities for fishing. During the summer, the visitors can enjoy fishing in the early hours under the midnight sun and the visitors can try ice fishing during winter.
Norway is a fisherman’s paradise. Fishing in Norway undoubtedly offers a glorious experience to visitors here and you will get chances to catch Huge Cod, Halibut, Coalfish plus many more species. You can choose to go fishing in the deep fjords, the protected archipelago or the open sea when you are in Norway. Romsdalsfjord, Trondelag coast, Skagerrak Strait, Northern Norway, Hemsedal, the Gjovik region, Skarnsundet, Senja, Surnadal, Tengesdalvatnet, Orskog Herdal, Solvag Fjordferie, Bjerkreimselva, Austefjorden etc are some of Norway’s premier fishing areas.

With landscapes that would give you and feeling of being in paradise, Norway is a dazzling location for travelers to visit. Sea-kayaking is a major adventure activity in Norway and increasingly popular amid locals as well as visitors. With spectacular coastal areas, unbelievable fjords and some of the most excellent rivers, the Norwegian country offers adventures for all sorts of travelers. A number of tour operators here make available rental kayaks and guided sea-kayaking tours.
Norwegian fjords and islands have some of the best conditions in the world for kayaking. Sea-kayaking in Norway offers you wonderful memories and enjoy natural beauty, stunning scenery and scenic small towns. Sea kayaking tours will take the visitors through the most magnificent parts of the fjords, including the narrower, isolated branches etc.

Norway’s beautiful landscape and many tourist attractions make it a fantastic holiday destination. Norway presents a wide range of rafting experiences to its visitors. Rafting will provide visitors thrills and a lot of enjoyment. Driva in Trøndelag, Sjoa in Gudbrandsdalen, Trysilelva in Hedmark, Olstra in Sogn og Fjordane, Ostedalselva in Sogn og Fjordane, The rivers in Setesdalen, The rivers in Voss (Raundalselva, Strandaelva and Vosso), Mandalselva in the Lindesnes region etc are some of the popular rivers for rafting in Norway.
Wildlife Safaris
Norway has a lot of varieties of attractions to offer to its visitors. Wildlife safaris are one of the most popular activities that are meant to explore the wildlife of Norway. Wildlife safaris in Norway give you a chance to see heaps of distinctive creatures in their natural habitat.
You will get an opportunity to get close to animals like whales, king crabs, the musk oxen, moose, whales, polar bears, reindeer or white-tailed eagles and so on during your trips into the wilderness. Norway has its share of different interesting safaris on offer and the country has excellent destinations for bird lovers, like the Vega archipelago in Northern Norway or Runde in the West.
Cycling holiday in Norway is well known amid tourists and it’s an exciting place for cycling and biking. Cycling in Norway will offer you chance to slog up a mountain, a lovely ride between scenic small towns and the wide-ranging landscapes of Norway. However, Norway isn’t the best country for cycle touring for beginners by reason of its steep terrain and lengthy road tunnels.

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Norway has ten national cycling roads that unite all mainland areas of the country. The routes are particularly planned to take the riders between cities and towns by avoiding heavy traffic. Northern Norway has some superb cycling chances between North Cape and Narvik. The Lofoten Islands in the Atlantic Ocean is fabulous for flat cycling and offers exceptional scenery as well. The Gudbrandsdalen, Hallingdalen, Valdres and Setesdalen valleys in the south and east are great if you like cycling in valleys.


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