Arrested in a foreign country…almost…

almost arrested

Being approached by police in a foreign country is never usually a pleasant experience. This time is no exception. If you did not read the article about practicing the laws of attraction and creation, there is more background on how I even was here in the first place. With that said…

Catamaran, Boat, Sailing, Med Sea

SPACE – 52 ft catamaran

When I was learning how to sail on a 52 foot Catamaran appropriately named Space in the Med sea with my trusty captain we will call Cupcake and cruising around the coast of Spain, we decided to anchor off the beach a short way out and take the dinghy boat to check out the marina that we thought was pretty close by. About halfway to the marina, Cupcake says to me- Damn Puddin (that is my nickname on the boat after a overindulgence of food incident) this is further than I thought it was. I hope we don’t run out of gas. So yea, you can guess what happens next… we run out of gas before the entrance to the marina at a closed port. So with the dinghy out of gas, we drifted to the wall of the port, tied the boat off and began the long walk towards the town. After jumping a fence, calling a cab to take us to buy fuel and returning, we jump the same fence – essentially breaking back into the closed port. This is when the security power hungry crazy cop lady arrives. No problem, we just explain what happened, and continue on right? Wrong.

Spain, Port, Marina, Malaga, Sailing

The “Closed” Port we were stranded at- beautiful eh?

This lady cop wants our heads on a pike and does not give two shits that we ran out of gas. As I try to explain the situation in my broken Central American Spanish, she does something I find a bit peculiar. She leaves her SUV running, with the door open, and steps away as if saying “go ahead, jump in, I dare you- just give me a reason to bust your asses!” I look at cupcake as if to say “Don’t you dare!” but also look at him like “If she pulls out handcuffs I’m diving into the ocean with or without you!”
As she calls for backup, Cupcake and I try not to laugh at her seriousness about our “Breaking in and Trespassing situation”. The backup arrives and it is three men who appear to be quite amused at the whole situation. They ask us a few questions like “why are you here” and “what is in your backpack” before quickly bursting into laughter and letting us go. The look on the lady cops face was priceless. She was so pissed that they did not arrest us and let us go which equally made me happy and sad. Why did she want to jail us so badly? As we walked away I could have sworn I saw cupcake do a little ass wag towards her like naanana boo boo! and I could feel the heat coming from her and the gratitude coming from me as we made our way to the dinghy boat and back to Space where we promptly celebrated our freedom with a couple shots of Jager and a delicious dinner and plenty of laughter. 🙂

Have you ever had any experience that was innocent enough yet you appeared to be up to no good? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below!!

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