The Awfully Orgasmic Experience

Not all seemingly horrible orgasmic experiences are all that bad…

The Awfully Orgasmic Experience

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Milly, Me and Megan in Mexico.. that’s a lot of mmmmm! 😀

They were following me everywhere. I first noticed them staring at me when I was having breakfast with Milly and Megan at a cafe in San Cristobal De Las Casas, Mexico. They were just nailed to the light pole right across the street, hanging around, being cool. I had to admit they were alluring, the colorful type with a mysterious intrigue about them, but just as I had begun to stare back, our ride showed up and we left.

I saw them again a short while after we arrived in the next city – this time it seemed as if they somehow were ahead of me and had already been everywhere in town. And there they were again following me… into the diner, and posted up and hanging around in different places in the streets. As I looked at the colorful churches and then when I was at the bus stand purchasing tickets I saw them. It was just like some kind of ground hog day all over again.

I got the strange feeling that they were tempting to lead me somewhere magical where good times would be had by all. I walked closer.. approaching slowly and before I knew it, I was standing right next to them. I watched myself as my hand slowly reached out in front of me and the next thing I knew, I was holding one of them.

After a few unspoken seconds, I let go, spun around and screamed at Megan “Oh my gosh, we HAVE to go to GUATEMALA this week! She turned her head as some dogs do when you speak in a high pitched voice, all cocked to one side and with the same dog look on her face. “Eh”? she replied… But it was too late. I had committed with the first sight somehow a few days before. It was about to be New Years Eve in 5 days, and the plan was just set into motion.

Arriving at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala was like landing in heaven. The lush, tropical feel of the place coupled with the two massive volcanos and a large lake in the center made it feel both relaxing yet powerful at the same time. Yesss we made it!. After taking some time first to soak up the new fragrances of this indeed very special place, I started my search for them as they were not yet in sight. As we walked, exploring this new place, I noticed something in the distance…

cosmic convergence, guatemala, trance party central america

Perched a few feet above a spacious grassy area butterfly wings of all colors hovered, providing some cooling shade for the souls resting below them. Megan and I stood there at the entrance just taking it all in… the wings, the giant mushrooms that sprouted up here and there, the reflection of the sun on the lakes edge, and the people setting up temporary dwellings in preparation for the next three days of Cosmic Convergence. That was the name of this New Year’s event whose colorful fliers had chased me through Mexico and led us here.

Close to where the first bit of action started…

With huge smiles on our faces and overloaded packs on our backs, we set off to find the perfect place to perch our own butterfly wings and temporary dwellings. Seeing a camping spot with a nice tree lining for my daydreamer tent hammock up the road, we started walking. Arriving in the center of the open camping field we scanned the horizon and of course the trees attempting to decide where to post up for a few days.

Then it started. My smile quickly faded as both of my legs started to burn with a fierce and sharp pain that began in an instant and covered the entire surface of both of them from the knees to the ankles. Shocked, I looked down to see that the stinging sensation was coming from an army of small black insects – biting flies were they? Naturally I began jumping up and down screaming and Megan was like “What?! What?! Did you find the perfect spot or…” As she turned to me her words trailed off and her face turned to shock. I was already on the ground rolling around in a total hilarious panic slapping myself in the legs and face. “Mel… are you ok? I knew we shouldn’t have accepted that water back there… oh crap is that going to happen to me too?” My crying in pain turned into laughter as I explained that I was being eaten alive which didn’t seem to help her from freaking out even more.

Almost instantly and magically the perfect two trees appeared in my view as if they had just the grown from the ground in that precise moment, and especially for me. Jumping up quickly from the floor, I grabbed my dust covered backpack and made a run for it. Megan just stared blankly as I ran for the trees and the soon to be safety of my mesh covered hammock.

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala trance parties, epic festival

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Cosmic Convergence

The party was epic. I met a gorgeous German man who I kissed for hours while listening to some of the best trance I had heard in some time.  Playing POI at and beyond sunset with other beings who are also attracted to the light was an every evening occurrence. Enjoying the sunrises with their golden color whose light was smattered with hues of pink and orange which made the lake look as if you could walk on it was also amazing.We met some friends turned family, the happiest man alive, and wore yellow underwear and ate grapes at midnight on the 31st to bring good luck into this new year. And the insects did not bother me again for the next two days…

Until it was time to go. As Megan and I changed locations and took shelter in a small, simple hotel, it began again. Arriving exhausted, I had a quick shower after Megan and we both went right to sleep.. but only one of us stayed that way. As my body began to relax, out of nowhere my legs started to itch from the previous days bites, and when I say they started, yea, that was just the beginning.

Megan was fast asleep when I decided to relieve myself with some pleasure.

Apparently it was too much pleasure because Megan woke up and quietly asked “Mel… what are you doing?” I moaned louder as my fingernails dug deeper into the skin of my calves, the backs of my knees. It was so pleasing that I could not answer her with words.. just more moaning. Again she asked, voice shaking slightly, but still quietly.. “Mel, what are you doing over there?” Again more moaning from my side of the pitch black room until the words slowly fell from my lips in-between the orgasmic gasps. “Megan… ohhhh Megan… it feels so good… I can’t stop… when I stop it hurts again…

Megan was silent for a few moments and it was then that I realized what she might be thinking and couldn’t help but to start laughing out loud and moaning at the same time. Confused she said through the thick black curtain of air in our room “Is everything ok Mel?” Again I couldn’t stop laughing and moaning, but managed between the gasps that I couldn’t stop scratching my legs.. that it felt so incredibly good to scrap my fingernails over the hundred or so bites and that when I stopped they just burned, but when I itched, it was the orgasmic opposite.

As we both fell into tears laughing, I had to think, wow… Not all seemingly horrible experiences are all that bad after all, and can last from just a few minutes, to in the case, just a few days.

Finding the silver lining in your experience.. even if it attacks you, confuses your friends, and ends up being orgasmic. The silver lining matters and can usually keep the positive flow in you active no matter what might be eating you alive- either real or imagined. Your mind can’t tell the difference anyway, so do enjoy your silver linings.

Do you have a story to share that seemed as if all was going wrong and awful, but ended up being orga…mazing?? Feel free to share the finding of your silver linings with us here! We like to be inspired by others awesome adventures 🙂

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  1. Hahahahahaha! I love this! What a story! Thanks for the laughter and the lesson!

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