Backpack Checklist for the World

This is an update and addition to the original Central America Backpack Checklist article. When I started this adventure in Central America, I did a lot of camping, so that list reflects many items for this sort of trip. When I decided to make an around the world trip, the list of items changed and I thought it might be nice to have that available to you as well.
Depending on what kind of traveling you intend to do, the more prepared you are before you go, the less time you will spend trying to find that must have item you have either forgotten or were unaware that you might need to begin with. After doing several weeks of research online and completing a few months of backpacking through Central America, I have complied a list of absolutely must have items for survival around the world. You can see the Central America Backpack Checklist HERE. I am aware that everyone travels differently and has their own agenda, so these lists are just meant to be a jumping off point for future travelers and can be modified to meet your specific needs.
I went ahead and did the work for you and added click-able links to the products that I chose for easy searching and purchasing of needed items. I thank you in advance for using these links to order anything from Amazon (which is where I ordered everything highlighted), as my affiliate account deposits a tiny commission to the Nomad Travel Fund at no additional cost to you 🙂 There is also a link at the bottom of the page to the store which makes browsing easier.

Backpack Checklist

In the large Deuter Backpack pack I carry:

In the Northface small pack I carry (which never gets checked in or leaves my body):

As mentioned previously, this article is just a starting off point and is not meant to meet everyone’s needs. Not everyone will need the tent hammock, but for me, it is a wonderful thing to have and I explain why in the article Why I love my Hammock and Ipod. For me, this combination of items with the 60+10L Deuter backpack I purchased has been perfect for the around the world trip so far.

Please feel free to modify the list to meet your specific needs and do contact me with any questions you may have and I will do my best to assist you!! Happy traveling!!

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