Bangkok’s Most Killer Destinations Without the Crowds

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Bangkok’s Most Killer Destinations Without the Crowds

Bangkok is a chaotic mess, what with the tourists bustling in all through the year. It’s energetic, and stays awake even at night. One can never get used to the intensity of this city, and having beautiful places to go to for a calm environment is necessary in a city such as this. Although it is difficult to find such places, it’s not impossible. Here is a list of some of the most pleasant places in Bangkok that haven’t been touched by the crowds.

Lumpini Park

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The noise of Bangkok’s busiest highways dies when you walk through the gates of Bangkok’s biggest city park. It is an inner-city haven of tranquility, fresh air and shade, and offers the city dwellers the perfect connection to nature. It’s a centre for outdoor leisure activities of the citizens, who come here to have a pristine time, enjoying a round of jogging and some other recreational activities. Lumpini appeals to the people of all ages; from couples lounging by the side of the lake, to the workers craving fresh air and physical exercise. Be sure to enjoy sitting under one of the many sheltered niches while enjoying a book, having a picnic or meditating. 

Loha Prasat 

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Loha Prasat, which means iron castle or iron monastery, has 37 black metal spires which symbolize the 37 virtues that are required to reach enlightenment. Although it is modeled after the one in Sri Lanka (which doesn’t exist today), it is one of a kind in existence today and is under consideration with UNESCO to be a world heritage site. The meditation cells of the monks of the Wat Ratchanadda are on the ground floor. Once you climb the spiral stairs of the top structure, there is an open walkway just below the shrine on top of the Prasat from where you can get a good view of the temple area.

Supatra River House

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The Supatra River House is a restaurant and although it requires a little more of your budget, it is a pretty place for a much needed escape from the buzz of the city. A large deck invites you to sit and admire the views, the inside of the restaurant is air-conditioned which would help in refreshing you from Bangkok’s heat.  You may arrive early, and have a wonderfully relaxing lunch. They serve the perfect set banquet menu but you can also order A la carte. The food is delicious and authentically Thai!

Floating Market at Lat Mayom

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Bangkok’s most authentic floating markets; it is frequently mostly used by locals. You would be happy to see that it is not overrun by foreigners and you can also find amazing Thai food for incredibly cheap prices. It is only 30 minutes from Bangkok on the Thonburi side of the river. Arrive early for a peaceful walk around the markets; you can even jump on a long boat for a 20 minute ride to a nearby village for a more tranquil time. 

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