The Benefits of Backpacking

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The Benefits of Backpacking

Are you in search of a low-cost independent form of adventure? Your search has come to an end. Backpacking is what you are looking for. It is very broad in that it includes wilderness adventures and local travel. All in all, it is an awesome experience for people who love adventure. Ever heard that leaving your vehicle behind will give you access to some of the most beautiful places in the world? Believe it or not, backpacking can make this a reality. Going through the wilderness at walking speed gives you time to appreciate natural beauty and see more of wildlife and less of human beings. The good thing about backpacking is that it can be done with friends, family, and even your dog. No need to lie, walking with a bunch of weight can be tiring. All problems have solutions. In this case, the solution is to try and carry minimal things, basically only what you need to survive be comfortable. Whatever you carry in your backpack should not exceed 30% of your body weight. So many questions have been asked regarding how backpacking is beneficial and what you actually need in order to undertake a successful backpacking trip. The answers to these questions are very well explained in this article.


As much as someone gains personal pride and satisfaction after embarking on a successful backpacking trip, there are a number of other benefits someone can gain from it. They include:

1. Weight loss. Climbing boulders and slight sprinting have to be there while backpacking. What these physical activities do to your body is that they help in shedding body fat and water weight. Without even sprinting, 12 weeks of moderate trekking can lead to some weight loss.

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2. A relaxed mind and good focus. Backpacking is an activity that needs someone to be fully focused. This is done by simply clearing all your thoughts and psychologically preparing to face some serious topographical challenges. Therefore, if you think about it, backpacking is therapeutical and reduces stress. The fresh air you breathe makes your mind relax and also enhances memory and brain functionality.

3. Building a strong heart. This is a good exercise for those who wish to have strong hearts. While walking and climbing mountains, the heart pumps blood vigorously meaning the cardiac muscle is improved.

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4. Lung cleansing. In some countries like India, backpacking is done so that people can breathe in clean air. Most of the backpacking activities are conducted in places with natural environments, away from the human population. This, therefore, means that the air is far much clearer than that of the metropolitan areas.

5. Strong muscles. This is one thing a backpacker will achieve for sure. The strain and energy needed to go through is very good exercise for each and every muscle in the human body. From the abdominal muscles to the quad and calves, hence making the body flexible.

6. Learning something new. You will get to learn something new that you never knew before, be it about yourself or the outside world. Backpacking is the perfect opportunity to see things you will never see while at home. You might end up discovering that Vietnamese food is your favorite meal or reading maps is your hobby. You never know, but it is worth the trip.

7. Sight-seeing. Seeing is believing. This analogy is very true especially when talking about backpacking. Seeing things in photos and television cannot be compared to the real experience. Just imagine seeing the lights of Las Vegas over Nevada’s desert horizon. These experiences cannot be told or explained, you have to experience it yourself and get amazed.
backpacking, adventure travel. onenomadwoman, backpack checklist8. Food. Most people backpacking usually work with a tight budget. This means going to restaurants for dinner is out of the picture. That does not mean you will not eat, you have to eat in order to survive and have energy. You will get to experience new foods you only hear and see on television and newspapers. So many delicious cheap foods are available on the streets and all you need to do is order.


As mentioned earlier in the article, you need to carry only what is necessary. Too much weight is not good for this tour. So the question is, what do you need to have with you to have a successful backpacking tour?

1. Selecting the best duffle bags for travel. The size of the bag entirely depends on the length of the trip and the weight you want to carry. For a bag that can sustain 1-3 nights, it can carry about 35-50 liters of water while for 5-8 nights, 50-80 liters will do. So, this means there is a bag for everyone, from children, young adults and adults. All you need to do is know what you need and you will be good to go.
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2. Clothing. When it comes to clothing, light clothes are the best since we are trying to minimize weight. In most cases, backpacking is done in places where the sun is out, meaning there is heat. Therefore, shorts and pants are ideal. For the head, since the sun might be hot and so it is important to cover your scalp to avoid unnecessary headaches. A simple bandana is okay for this. For the shoes, most people prefer putting on hiking boots since they can withstand many external forces like big rough rocks. Finally, one should also carry a rain jacket just in case the weather decides to change. Prevention is better than cure.

3. Communication and electronics. Backpacking is a once in a lifetime activity and so most memories need to be captured and recorded. So, a video camera or a camera can be carried along. Communication is necessary, just for safety purposes since you cannot be so sure all will be well. You will need a mobile phone and a power bank to charge it, so that you remain online during the course of the tour.

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This article gives you a brief and detailed explanation about backpacking. The purpose of this article is to encourage you try out backpacking and how fun and entertaining it is. Stop wasting time, get a bunch of your friends, set a date and go out backpacking. None of you will regret this adventurous choice!

Author Bio: Evans Lily is the founder of SkyWeFly, where she and her associates blog about photographs, stories and travel tips that will help you make a great journey. She hopes to bring her passion to more people via SkyWeFly.


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