Breathtaking Australian Cruise Destinations

cruise, australia, great barrier reef, new south wales, sydney, hobart, darwin, tasmania,

Breathtaking Australian Cruise Destinations

Every seasoned traveler who has been on a fair share of cruises has probably visited Australia at least once. In fact, Australia is the world’s top cruise destination for the umpteenth year in a row, and it is easy to discern why. It is the continent of endless summer and its coast is lined with gorgeous beaches and natural landscapes to die for. If you ever plan to go on a cruise to this part of the world, be on a lookout for these breathtaking Australian cruise destinations.

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cruise, australia, great barrier reef, new south wales, sydney, hobart, darwin, tasmania,

Great Barrier Reef, Queensland    (Heart Reef, Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Have you ever wanted to see the largest living organism on the planet? Right off the coast of Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef is a massive network that stretches on over 2,000 kilometers and it is UNESCO’s World Heritage site. And what a site it is – cruising across this immense azure landscape which can be seen from space is a grandiose experience. However, this is not a cruise destination with a particular stationary area – it is more than anything a scenic cruising experience without a port of call, yet a magical one in spite of that. The most frequented ports of call related to Green Barrier Reef are Cairns, Brisbane, Port Douglas and Airlie Beach.


cruise, australia, great barrier reef, new south wales, sydney, hobart, darwin, tasmania,

Hobart, Tasmania    (Port of Hobart, Photo Credit: Pixabay)

If, by any chance, you end up on a cruise that lands you in Hobart, you will find out why Tasmania is one of the most popular among the Australian destinations for cruises in 2017. This small idyllic city stands proudly on the banks of Derwent River, welcoming all ocean-faring visitors. The harbor itself is a thing of beauty, with facades inspired by the 18th-century colonial and Victorian architecture. Set against the awe-inspiring Mount Wellington, it is a hub for all the trekkers who dare to venture into the wilderness and get lost amidst the waterfalls and lush vegetation. The city is filled with resplendent enjoyments to savor, so it is easy to keep yourself occupied. From delicious meals in rustic restaurants to eye-popping historic sights, Hobart is a breathtaking a port. However, do not lose your head too much – you do not want to be late for the last call to board.

cruise, australia, great barrier reef, new south wales, sydney, hobart, darwin, tasmania,

Darwin, Northern Territory  (Darwin Sunset, Photo Credit: Pixabay)

This city on the Northern Shore of the continent is a partying town and a multicultural hub of business and tradition. Darwin is truly a place where east meets west, and if your cruise liner ports here, there is a great chance you will meet some of the most interesting people from all around the world on Darwin’s streets. Naturally, the city of Darwin is also a gastronomic haven, with a mesh of cuisines from every corner of the world. It is also a home to some of the most vibrant markets you will ever visit, and its surrounding national parks are as beautiful as they come in the Land Down Under.

cruise, australia, great barrier reef, new south wales, sydney, hobart, darwin, tasmania,

Sydney, New South Wales

(Sydney, Photo Credit: Alex wong on Unsplash)

Of course, what’s a cruise across the Australian Pacific without a visit to its biggest and the most spectacular metropolis on this side of the globe – Sydney. Its striking natural bay extends into a slew of vibrant historic districts, amazing restaurants, world-class museums and blood-pumping nightclubs. It is truly a playground of a city that has something to offer for anyone. Pay a visit to the Rocks and find something fun to do in Central Business District. If this is your first time in town, climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, have a cup of coffee in the Opera House and marvel at the diverse cityscape from the top of Sydney Tower Eye.

Cruises are probably the most convenient form of vacationing right now. You can just kick back and let the staff pamper you while you enjoy smooth-sailing through destinations you’d otherwise have to drive to. The sheer number of picturesque ports on the shores of Australia is overwhelming on its own, so having someone do the heavy lifting for you is the exact recipe for a perfect vacation.

Featured Photo Credit: Gold Coast, Jordan Gellie on Unsplash



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