How to Build a Yurt – Phase 2- Planning

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If you have not yet read Part One of How do Build a Yurt, You can read that here.

So, you want to build a yurt, well here in Phase 2 it’s all about the planning.

Yurt Build Phase 2- Planning the dimensions

Before starting the clearing of land and trees if necessary and the purchasing of supplies process, a road map of sorts to the completion of the project from start to finish is created. One of the steps is to design the yurt itself which appears to take quite a skilled hand in carpentry and geometry.

Below is the video explanation and a picture of the design dimensions for this particular project. Keyar and Claudius are the chief engineers of this build and together created and built the design. If you would like to contact them to design something for you, their information can be found here and at the end of the video!

Claudius :  and  Keyar (in this video) :

Keep a look out for the series of videos to follow documenting how to build a yurt from start to finish! You can subscribe to the feed if you really don’t want to miss it!

2 Comments on “How to Build a Yurt – Phase 2- Planning

  1. Where to I get the basic plans for the Yurt & and additional extension floor plans for the Yurt?

    Thank you for your help.

    • Wes thank you for your curiosity and message! Here is the contact information for the designer 🙂
      His name is Claudius and he is in Germany. His website is in German, but he can speak English as well. The link for his website is: and his email address is Cheers!

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