How to Build a Yurt – Phase 3- Preparing the Space

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Phase 3- Preparing the space for the yurt build.

The first thing we did after deciding where to build the yurts, was to measure off the space and start clearing the trees and brush that were there. In Germany, there is a 3 meter rule in that you must not build anything within 3 meters of the neighbors property, so we were sure to keep that in mind as we planned and prepared the clearing and building space.

yurt build, how to build a yurt, jonathan seminarhotel, www.onenomadwoman.comAfter climbing a few trees and having a bit of a chainsaw massacre, we finally had room to build up and around in the space, so it was time to bring in the heavy machines to start digging up the earth in order to get the ground level and ready for the foundation.

A couple small truck loads of fresh earth were brought in, followed by another couple loads of gravel. The earth was used to fill in some of the gaps and make the ground more level, while the gravel was used to make the ground more solid as the earth itself was quite soft.

Once the gravel was spread into the 5 meter space, a vibrating machine was brought in to pound the stones into the earth in order to create a more solid surface in which to build the foundation on. This machine was very useful and essential in the process, and we do not recommend skipping this step if you are working with a soft earth surface!


During this time, a 3 meter level was used to check the levels of the area so that the bricks which would be used to support the bottom layer of the foundation would all be at the same height (we really don’t want a leaning yurt!)

After the vibrating and leveling was complete, the bricks were placed according to the plans and now the project is ready for Phase 4- building the foundation.

Keep a look out for the series of videos to follow documenting how to build a yurt from start to finish! You can subscribe to the feed if you really don’t want to miss it!

Below is the video that shows the progress of Phase 3- Preparing the space.


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