How to Clean a backpack: Effective Tips for You

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How to clean a backpack: Effective Tips for You

Your backpack may take a toll from salt, dirt and general damage while in transit or from normal use. You may minimize dirt built by regularly wiping your bag, but sometimes it will need much more than that. We will provide here a brief guide on how to clean a backpack in order to help you extend your bag’s lifespan. You will need to wash your backpack at least a couple of times every year. Our guide will give you advice on both how to hand wash a backpack and how to use a washing machine for cleaning your bag.

How To Clean a Backpack
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You may machine wash your backpack or hand wash it, depending on its size. Of course, you also need to take a look at the care label in your pack in order to ensure you are cleaning it in the recommended way for that specific pack.

How to Machine Wash a Backpack

The first step is to make sure your backpack is empty. Check all of its pockets for any items that are not so easy to notice. Also check seams and corners for any debris lodged there. You may also vacuum clean your bag. Unzip the pockets and leave them unzipped during the washing in the machine. Remove the metal frame in case that your backpack has one, and the removable straps can also be hand washed separately.

clean backpack, travel, world traveler, backpacking, europe, america

Ensure that your backpack fits in the washing machine and there is enough room left to move inside during the automatic washing process. If you have a laundry bag which is big enough, you may place your backpack inside of it in order to stop the zips and straps from getting caught and potentially damaging the machine or the bag. 

In order to remove detergent residue left from previous uses, it is advisable to run a wash empty cycle on your machine. Use a small among of wash in cleaner or gentle detergent suitable for backpacks. Avoid using your regular fabric softener or detergent because they may damage your backpack’s material. Wash your bag in cold water and set the machine on a gentle washing cycle.
Dry your backpack naturally and keep it away from direct sources of heat. Hang your bag for drying, if possible. Avoid tumble dry because it can damage the backpack. Before storing away first make sure that the bag is 100 percent dry.

How to Wash a Backpack by Hand

In case that your backpack cannot fit in the washing machine, you can hand wash it in a bathtub. It may also be possible to wash a smaller bag in a sink or a basin. Same precautions apply as for washing a backpack in a machine. First, ensure to empty the bag by checking all its corners and pockets. Remove its metal frame if your backpack has one.

clean backpack, travel, world traveler, backpacking, europe, america

Use luke warm water to fill the bathtub. Avoid using hot water because it may cause the colors to spread. Use a small quantity of detergent that is soap free. Particularly if the bag is waterproof, regular softener or detergent should be avoided, as they may damage the backpack material.

Use a cloth or a soft brush to scrub the backpack, focusing on particularly dirty areas. You may also use a toothbrush for reaching some areas that are more difficult to reach and for cleaning particularly tough stains.

Dry your bag naturally, keeping it away from direct sources of heat.  It is best to hang your bag to dry, if possible. Avoid tumble dry to not damage the bag, and wait until the backpack is 100 percent dry before storing it away.

In case that the care label is warning against fully submerging the backpack, just wash it by using a wet cloth on which you may apply a small quantity of cleaner. After washing, you may also make your backpack water repellant by using a spray on reproofer. This will also ensure minimizing dirt built up. 

Backpack Care

clean backpack, travel, world traveler, backpacking, europe, america

You can minimize the dirt build up by wiping  your backpack regularly with a damp cloth. If your bag is getting wet and you do not ensure proper drying before storage, you may experience some mold build up. In order to keep your backpack contents dry and keep it secure from rain you may use a backpack cover. Additionally, A backpack liner may reduce the spillages risk that could make your bag smelly or dirty.


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