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Consciousness Engineering is a kind of “life-hack” way of tapping into infinite source and retraining your brain, and in essence, your reality. It has you question everything about your models and systems for living, and find out which ones actually are working for you, and which ones are kind of getting in the way. From a very young age, we adopt models and systems from the people around us- whether it be our parents, siblings, friends, preachers, or teachers. (Yea, we all have had that “something is not right because someone else told us it was wrong” experience I’m sure)

Consciousness Engineering is really like taking a look at these systems and models and seeing which ones are truly yours, and which ones belong to others and have been adopted by you accidentally. It is in knowing or believing these things that we create our reality, so what not take a really good look at them?

How did I find Consciousness Engineering?

I have been  following a group of people for the past year… they work for a man named Vishen Lakhiani who is the founder of a company called Mind Valley. Recently I signed up for a Consciousness Engineering Course taught online by Vishen, and in this presentation, he talked about something called The Envisioning Method. During my travels I have been practicing The Law of Attraction and really pushing the ceiling of possibility for myself and my beliefs by actively seeking to see through them. I have found many interesting things to be true, and interestingly enough, I have found even more things to be totally and completely UNTRUE- for me that is…

So here is the challenge: Below I have explained the Envisioning Method as Vishen Lakhiani had described it in his online class, and I have decided to test this method everyday for the next 30 days and also keep a journal everyday about the process as I play with it. I will post two following updates if anything significant happens 😉 which I totally am expecting! Ok so here is the method:

Consciousness Engineering: The Envisioning Method

This method is to be done in a 30-40 minute long meditation 🙂

1- Connection: See the energy above you, embody this and then project compassion starting in the room you are in and expanding to the neighborhood, the state, country and then world. Receive love, give compassion. *See a white light flow from the top of your head slowly down body- eyes, chin, neck, chest, abdomen, hips, thighs, knees, legs, feet. Your entire body is pulsating with compassion. Channel this and fill the entire room you are in. The compassion ends filling the world. Watch from above – birds eye view. 

2- Gratitude: 5 things personal, 5 things in career – give thanks- express this gratitude. *Personal could be: A hug you received, someone that shared something beautiful- feel the joy from these memories. Then 5 things from career- new income source created? Contract you want? Moment of praise? Imagine these things.

3- Charges: Forgiveness stage. Release pain in the emotional body. Remember someone who wronged you and forgive them. For a longer term issue – several sessions may be needed. Bring back someone you can easily forgive to start with (maybe someone cut you off in traffic or said something hurtful to you). Do a practice session and imagine the persons face. Mentally tell them – I forgive you and I ask for you to forgive me in return. Feel the pain dissolve as you look into their eyes and see them smile as the forgiveness takes effect. Let them disappear from your mental screen. 

4- Visions: Visualize your life 3 years down the road. Focus on abundance, relationships and health. Ideal life3 years from now- HEALTH: as if you have not aged- perfect health, see yourself doing what you would love to do. Feeling younger and looking great- attractive and healthy. Illness if you have one has gone into remission. Perfectly healthy. See and feel yourself already there. Your body is serving you the way you need it to serve you. RELATIONSHIPS: What is your ideal level of relationships in your life- lovers, family, friends, community. What does it feel like to be truly loved- perfectly in tune with everyone. Everything is operating at the highest level. WEALTH & ABUNDANCE: How much money do you earn? How much freedom do you have? How does it feel to have everything you want- to help the people you want to help- to travel – to live life abundantly.

5- Intentions: Set an intention on how you want the day to unfold. Think about this day will go from hour to hour. See your day unfolding perfectly. Break into 3 segments to start- morning, afternoon and night. As you progress, see it hourly- feel how perfectly everything flows. End your day with going to bed having the most amazing wonderful sleep that leaves you feeling energized for the next day.

6- Blessing: Pretend and adopt the model that there is a higher power and is filling you with power and with a blessing. The light consumes you again and slowly starts at your head – any color you wish – crown of head, face, mouth, neck, chest, abs, hips, thighs, knees, feet – know that you are loved and protected and that there is someone watching over you.

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So this is the envisioning method that I will be doing every morning for the next 30 days! 🙂  If you think you are up for it, I invite you to explore this with me and share your experiences with others below in the comment section:)

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