On a date with the hottest girl I know…


Her unkept hair and boys jeans moved ungracefully as she stomped across the yard carrying a hammer and skill saw. Cussing and laughing as she entered the little wooden house, she pulled a pencil from behind her ear and pushed back her white paint stained hair from her face as she began marking her next lines. Watching in wonder as she skillfully built an entire seating area that converts into a queen size bed if need be, I thought to myself – that’s one interesting girl. I must meet her and know more.

With one earbud jammed in her left ear playing songs from the XX, she began to tell me stories. Remembering all the pain from her past, the long roads she has traveled in search of herself, her truth, her inspiration; she openly shared these feelings with me. Adventurous she was indeed, seemingly crazy at times with her wild impulses, her fearless nature and her immense capacity for love fascinated and scared me at the same time. Listening patiently to the rhythm of her emotion as it ebbed and flowed I started to feel mesmerized by this girl. No, she was not a girl anymore- she was a woman with girlish playfulness and a touch of tomboy. I must know more about her.

Watching her at dinner as she attempted to sit straight and turn her badly aching neck and back, I thought it would be nice to invite her to relax in the sauna and hot tub and sit in silence and let the water and heat caress her sore body. She gladly accepted and this was and is the beginning of the night I went on a date with the hottest girl I know. As she undressed and let out a long sigh of what appeared to be relief and exhaustion, I knew this was the perfect thing for her this night. After spending a couple of hours jumping from the hot tub to the sauna and back, I thanked her for accepting the invitation to continue to take care of herself, and wished her a good night’s sleep. Pulling the blankets over my head I thought to myself, it’s so nice to meet you lovely girl. It has been a long time since you have observed yourself and recognized your worth… welcome back.


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