DIY Tire Climbing Wall- Recycled Materials

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Tire Climbing Wall

Climbing has always been something I loved to do when I was younger, so when I was invited to help build a school play yard out of recycled materials in Goa, India, a climbing wall was a must. Here I will show you just how easy it is to turn old tires into a fun climbing wall for kids of all ages!

Things needed:

*16 Worn Tires (we used 12 medium, and 4 large, but I imagine that this structure can be made with all of one size as well)
*A razor sharp exacto knife
*3 kilos worth of rope for tying the tires and supports together
*3 Hooked shaped pieces of rebar for attaching the bottom of the   structure to the ground

how to cut tires1- Use the knife to cut the outer walls of the tire off (essentially removing the middle piece of tread). This takes some time depending on your knife and strength, and I recommend using padded gloves as the impact from the knife can irritate your hand after completing a few tires.


tire climbing wall, how to, DIY, climbing structure, play ground ideas

2- We then laid the tires out on a tarp and spray painted them with various colors. They were given a second coat and when dry, we turned them all over to prepare to tie them together.tire climbing wall, climbing structure, play ground ideas, tying tires together, how to cut tires

3- Attach the tires with the rope (close to where you will hang it if possible as the structure can be quite heavy depending on the size). We wrapped the rope around roughly 6-8 times and knotted it on what would be the back side of the structure.


tire cimbing structure, climbing wall, recycle tires, play ground ideas, 4- Hang it! We chose to hang ours between two trees using one piece of strong bamboo and loads of rope to tie the bamboo to the trees. We then added a second piece of bamboo for continued support and tied this to the first and also the top tier of tires to both bamboo pieces.


5- The final step was to secure the bottom rung of tires to the ground using 3 long pieces of candy caned shaped rebar andtire climbing structure, play ground ideas, recycle tires, climbing wall, rope. Just wrap the rope around the bottom tires and smash the hook shaped rebar into the ground making sure your hook grabs the rope attached to the bottom tires.




Now it’s time to invite the neighborhood! Our structure can support 8 little bodies at the same time (8-10 year olds) and possibly more…

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