Epic Festival Backpack Checklist

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Epic Festival Backpack Checklist

As a traveler, I love to meet new people and attend big events that promise great music, food, fun and vibes, and this includes the massive Woodstock Poland festival that I am now on my way to. While dreaming about attending this event, I was also dreaming about what I would bring with me, and decided to share with you what I feel makes an Epic Festival Backpack Checklist. I have included links to my favorite products and the ones I personally use here if you care to explore this further!!

The Epic Festival Checklist:

1- Two Way Radios

2- GoPro Hero 4 with 2 extra batteries, charger, and selfie stick

3- Drone copter with video/photo camera (I have a simpleĀ Syma X5C EXPLORER drone)

4- Glow POI

5- Facepaint

6- Smartphone (I use the Android S3) with the festival app if available!

7- Earplugs

8- Portable Speaker

9- Flashlight with extra batteries

10- Headlamp

11- Tent Hammock

12- Travel Pillow

13- Finally, your toiletries, clothes, shoes, swimsuit and towel.

If there is anything you feel is missing, please do share your thoughts in the comment space below!!

One Comment on “Epic Festival Backpack Checklist

  1. Whoa! You are amazing! I have never seen a hammock tent before! And you bring your own drone? Have fun! Xoxo

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