The Absolute Fashion Basics | Fashionable Living on the Road

The Absolute Fashion Basics | Fashionable Living on the Road

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Looking great while traveling can be a challenge for even the most stylish of fashionistas. There are only so many clothes, shoes, and accessories you can stuff into your bags, and it can be hard to know which must-haves you should pack for your trip. However, looking chic and put together is still totally doable while on the road, and many have mastered the art of creating cute and comfortable outfits from a few select pieces. Read on to learn about everything you need to know about looking fabulous while living out of a backpack. 

Versatility and Colors

Learning about the fashion color wheel, and how to mix bright colors and neutrals to create a ton of outfits is the perfect way to create new outfits from basics. Pick a pair of jeans, pants, or leggings in a neutral shade that you can wear for many different types of occasions. A pair of slim-fit denim jeans can be dressed down with a basic tee or tank top when sightseeing, or dressed up with a blouse or long-flowing top for a night out on the town. Choose two-to-three basic items in black, brown, blue, or white that you can mix-and-match throughout your trip. Versatility and mix and match ability are key here!

The Right Fabric

Since you might be packing and-repacking your bag many times during a trip, it’s important to consider the fabric and wrinkle-free factor of each of the item you bring. While cotton is a lightweight, breathable fabric that will keep you cool in a hot and humid climate, it can wrinkle easily and takes longer to dry. A cotton-polyester blend is one solution to this problem, as polyester is more wrinkle-resistant. 

For summertime travel, linen is a great option, as this type of fabric feels breezy, absorbs perspiration and dries quickly. During the winter months, it’s good to pack wool, especially merino wool, because it’s a lightweight, soft fabric that can be worn multiple times without washing.

Accessorize like a Hollywood Starlet 

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Early in her film career, it was rumoured that actress Audrey Hepburn owned only a handful outfits, but had a large collection of head scarves that she used to accessorize with every day. As one of the most famous fashion icons in movie history, we should all take a cue from Hepburn’s travel style strategy. Once you’ve selected your basics, pick out a variety of accessories that you can switch up for each day of travelling. A bold headscarf can add some color and pop to your jeans and t-shirt combo, while a pair of sparkly, dangly earrings can up the ante for an evening ensemble. Accessories are easier to pack and take up a lot less space than additional dresses, pants, or shirts.

Embrace Athleisure

Athleisure styles are all the rage right now, which makes packing for a long trip less of a headache. Many brands now sell cute and stylish athleisure outfits that keep you cozy while on a plane, ensure you’re mobile on trails and hikes, and keep you comfortable when exploring a new city. The athleisure trend is becoming more and more stylish and sophisticated, which means that you can also wear these styles during a trip to a museum, or when dining at a five-star restaurant. 

Athleisure fabrics are the perfect option for packing, as they’re designed to absorb sweat and not wrinkle. For a wide selection of fashionable outfits and accessories ideal for traveling, Pink Lily is a popular online shopping destination for the jet-setting girl on the go. 

Get Fashionable

Remember that anyone can look their best while traveling, even when you’ve only got a closet the size of a carry-on to work with! Explore online fashion boutiques for lower prices, higher quality, and simple solutions to every travel fashion problem!


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