The Hourglass

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The Hourglass

I use your master divine rhymes to open up time and dissect your lies

Times displaced thoughts get caught amongst the people as we sit in front of the illuminating spectrum projector we rot, melting with frowns upside down as I’m pleasantly aroused by eternal sounds,

My twisted fate holds no place in the grand scheme I’m just a taste n less than an instant in the pace of the creators face.

I silently lay footprints with snow dipped heels for times essence to caress,

Heavy sighs as My attention gets diverted to ideas that are inevitable,

I relax in motion with easing thoughts of time slowly dissolving.

I walk on foot stones paths laid out by future self entities in hopes I’ll grasp the fact you’ve walked here before,

Sitting in a moment of oneness epiphanies hit as the thought of time finally dissolves….. and the blessing breath from below breaths her sigh that all is one.

I dominate revelations and challenge lives made up rules only in hopes to have a real sensation,

As I meander I pick Shattered Glass tips from our political elite soulless lips ha I carelessly laugh as I discard what the many believe is hip,

I skydive from enlightenment just to reminisce and embrace,

A kiss from past thoughts made my heart break in 2, now I have 2 for u,

pleasantly awake I dream to raise my vibration and to soar again on the wings of joy,

in mid flight I reach out for your moment but alas all I grasp is memories essence in the shape of a ticking hourglass token…

Sand bleeds down as daylight ascends and I find myself walking once again alone on a crowded path traveling in the wrong direction challenging all that is shown.

Author: David Sol Vincent

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