India’s Most Haunted: Raj Kiran Hotel In Lonavala

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India’s Most Haunted:

Raj Kiran Hotel In Lonavala

In a mystical land, where angels and demons seem to be in a constant battle between the good and bad forces, we are somehow present and affected. It is a rule that where there is light, there is also darkness. This darkness sometimes doesn’t remain to this world only, thus we humans face some extraterrestrial experiences, which we can call Para-normal activities. India’s most haunted hotel in Lonavala. The Raj Kiran. 

We have told many spine chilling stories about the haunted places in India, and in the continuation of the same, today we have brought to you another haunted place … the hotel in Lonavala called Raj Kiran.

Raj Kiran Hotel in Lonavala

hotels, hotel, haunted, india, backpacking, onenomadwoman

 Lonavala, a beautiful hill-station of Maharashtra which is filled with the abundance of natural beauty and scenic views is also a place featured as a perfect weekend destination among tourists. It is quite hard to believe that a place like Loanvala which is filled with thousands of people year round, also has such a haunted place located in the hustling and bustling area of the town. But still, hotel Raj Kiran in Lonavala is believed by many to be haunted.


Haunted Stories of Raj Kiran Hotel

Raj Kiran is not a plush property with hi-fi amenities, yet the place is quite famous among the travelers due to its haunted stories and Para-normal activities. Most of the patrons who have stayed at the Raj Kiran Hotel have reported their horrific experiences while staying in the rooms of this place. There are some particular rooms on the property which are the ones considered to be haunted. Guests who stayed in these rooms have reported that their bed sheets were pulled off while they were sleeping. Other people were woken up in the middle of the night by some un-natural force and witnessed a blue light flowing at their feet. The weirdness does not end here, and the deeper we go into the place, it becomes evermore mystical.

Patrons who stayed here have woken up in the middle of the night and faced something so unholy that many of them had to go through mental therapies after staying in the room. According them, something freaky is going on inside the room during the night which frightens them to the core of their heart. Many others also have claimed that some ghostly apparitions kept floating inside the room which frightened them deeply.

The staff of the hotel complies with the guests and helps them in every situation as they know how things go inside the premises. They do really attempt to support and help patrons in every situation.

Today the haunted rooms beside the reception are closed, but the place still raises the Goosebumps among the travelers who filled their time experiencing the most amazing and haunted hotel in India. So whenever you find yourself on a Mumbai tour, we encourage you to visit this place and experience something different. Something that you will never forget in your lifetime.

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