Ines Cherif from Tunis Spares Some Change

M name is Ines Cherif. I’m 19 years old and I’m in my first year of college studying English Business. .. I enjoy Theater and listening to music- I’ve performed 2 plays before in an earlier age but I didn’t have the opportunity to continue acting because my parents were against the idea and wanted me to focus on my studies and that was fine by me. Anyways, it may seem extremely ridiculous from me to confess that but I’ve always had big dreams and huge hopes for the future, I wanna be a successful lady and change the world if possible and I’ll try my best to make my family and relatives proud of me.

2 Comments on “Ines Cherif from Tunis Spares Some Change

  1. please can you delete this photo ? it’s mine and i don’t wear the scarf anymore so i don’t like seeing it

    • Hello Ines!

      Absolutely. I sent you a PM concerning your request. Would you like to share what influenced your decision?

      With love,

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