Law of attraction and creation – in practice.

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Practicing the law of attraction and creation.

Ok so we all should know about this by now, but for those who are new to these laws, please do google them, watch the movie “The Secret”, (although the movie does leave out some key elements that will be discussed later) or ask a friend and see what you find out. For me, well, I have been playing with these laws for quite some time now (subconsciously for most of my life, semi-consciously for about 6 years, and consciously for the last two years) and it is part of the reason that I decided to push the limits and really test these laws, and myself and attempt this backpacking trip around the world to begin with.

So there I was, in London visiting Derek and Judy who are lovely people whose daughter used to babysit me when I was three years young and living in Ipswich in the United Kingdom. Derek kept insisting that I go home – that this trip idea was crazy, and that my mother and dog missed me

law of attraction

Derek, Judy and I

terribly. He almost had me convinced to go back – to the point where I was actually looking up flights from the UK to the states. But there was only one problem. Every time I imagined returning to the states, I had a horribly uncomfortable feeling that would consume me. So one day I was talking to his wife Judy when I decided what I would rather do is learn to sail a boat on the Mediterranean Sea. With a sparkle in her eye, she said “I believe that you can do it”. That was all I needed to remind myself of the law of attraction and creation.

That night, as I laid in the cozy guest room that they had prepared for me, I sent my request to the universe. I imagined myself there- on the med- on an amazing boat and learning the ropes- quite literally. I imagined how I felt, the sounds, the smells of the ocean, and of jumping off the bow and stern into beautiful water.

Two days later I received an email from a captain of a boat that was docked in Gibraltar at the tip of Spain. He needed crew to charter a group of DJs in Ibiza. Are you kidding me? Hell yes of course I will be there! After a short Skype conversation and four days later, I was on a flight to Gib. Now this is where things get really interesting…

When I arrived, this man (we will call him Billy) greets me and takes me to the dinghy boat (a smaller boat used to get around in short distances) that will take us to the yacht. Only there is a slight problem. Two actually… the dinghy has water in it because it is actually slowly sinking and the motor does not work either. Right away I knew that something was not right but I decided to ride this thing out and see what would become of it as I knew that no matter what, I would be learning to sail on the Med. That is what I asked for, believed in, and so I was going to receive it right?

We (Billy actually) rows us to the yacht and this is when my initial suspicions are confirmed. I know right away that this will not be the boat that I will be learning to sail the Med on as it is nowhere near ready to charter anyone anywhere. To make a really long story shorter, I spent 5 days on this boat with Billy cleaning all the crap out of it, preparing the estate rooms to actually have people sleep in them, and cleaning and painting the deck and upper cabin of it before I sit him down and tell him how irritated and frustrated I am that he misled me and that I was freaking out of there!
I began to wonder if my powers were starting to fade, when I met a really amazing person on another boat. We will call him cupcake. Cupcake is an old country boy from Arizona that has to be quite possibly the coolest person I have met yet on my travels. I had almost decided to go to Portugal (because I was definitely getting off that boat!) when cupcake invited me to join him on his boat Space which is a badass 52 foot Catamaran sailboat and said he would love to teach me how to sail.

law of attraction

Aboard SPACE- Sailing the Mediterranean Sea

With gratitude to the universe I gladly accepted and spent the next four weeks with cupcake learning everything about sailing. After we did a couple of short trips across the Straits of Gibraltar, I noticed something in the distance… was that… Africa? No way! We must go! We must! And so, we went. Sailing on to Morocco for a few days and then back up the coast of Spain visiting La Linea, Malaga and some other places that I am not sure if I ever got the name of. This little adventure taught me something. That sometimes the universe needs to test your faith and throw you curve balls to strengthen your belief that if you ask, and believe, that you will receive. And I received more than just some amazing views, adventures, great sailing lessons and knowledge. I also now have a friend turned family member for life.

4 Comments on “Law of attraction and creation – in practice.

  1. What a incredible story & dream come true! The Law of Attraction definitely works! I have learned from deep within that there is an added bonus to it ~~ Effortlessness! Just See the end result & watch it unfold! You have proved this! I have & seeing it happen more & more each day, each moment! We are so infiltrated from childhood that we have to push, pull,tug,suffer,pay our dues…blah, blah, blah that really getting the real truth is a remembrance that hits the home run! We are there & getting more validation from the Grand Universe and happy feet cannot be contained! Smooth sailing from now on even during storms! <3 YOU! P.S. I have to add this in cause it does pertain to the effortless detail part…A quote from Albert Einstein " "I want to know God's thoughts; the rest are details."

    • Just watch it unfold- that is the truth! It is also so very true that as young children we are infiltrated with so many false truths – but luckily the universe has a plan for that- they are called Indigo Children and are found EVERYWHERE. Love the quote by Einstein too – thank you for sharing your thoughts Leslie <3

  2. I don’t know… That “Cupcake” character sounds sounds a little made up to me! Are you sure he’s real?

    • Cupcake is sooooo very real. A real talented, kind, knowledgable gentleman that will forever have a special place in my heart. 🙂

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