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dali museum paris

So there I was, hanging around in Germany when I started having some serious girlfriend withdrawals. I decided to ask the universe politely to please send one of my girlfriends to Europe. Law of attraction and creation, please work for me I thought as I asked. I did not care who, as they are all amazing, beautiful women and I would be happy to see any of them. It was only a matter of 4 days and my prayers were answered in an email when one of my girls from San Francisco sent me a message that she was coming to Europe and would meet me anywhere. After a short discussion, it was decided that we would meet in Paris as it was her favorite city in Europe and still on  my list of must see places.

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When she arrived, and I was actually able to hug her it was like heaven on earth. Just seeing her smile brought a new energy to me and it was like I had just won the lottery or something equally exciting. So here we are… in Paris! What shall we do? The first day we both just slept from the exhaustion of travel, but on day 2 it was time to go explore! We made our way through the beautiful city just wandering about when we found the l’Espace Dail museum in Montmarte (11 rue Poulbot, 75018 Paris, Metro Abbesses), not too far from the apartment we were staying in. This is a fantastic place to visit if you would like to see more of this talented artists work. The space is completely devoted to Dali and has some very intriguing work there from sculptures, to furniture, to glass work and more. Although we did not spend an exuberant amount of time here, it was long enough for me to understand that this artist had some very interesting views on a variety of topics that I was unaware of before.


From the scripture inspired art to alice in wonderland, his work fascinated and tickled my mind and inspired some artistic creativity in me that was unexpected… something to remember I thought as we left the small space and ventured through the hills of Montmarte looking for some good cheese and wine. After a short walk to the Metro station we found a great place to sit, relax, drink and be merry with some of that delicious food and drink we were searching for before trekking on. And trekking on we did – making our way to the famous and overpriced burlesque shows at the Moulin Rouge. Burlesque Paris, onenomadwomanWe decided against the shows and opted to go dancing at the restaurant/bar next door and for us this was much better. Dancing with and kissing random strangers would be much more fun indeed. 🙂 And ending the night with laughter as we stumbled down the street and up through the many hills in Montmarte back to the apartment made it all worth it. After resting for what seemed like eternity it was time to go adventure again. This time we went to the highest point in Paris and what we found there was truly a sight to see…

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