Life after death

life after death, onenomadwoman

“Life After Death”

Ode to my best friend – Cheryl Marie Mickens


Playing cards, minding our peace

The energy shifts beneath our feet

The temper, the heat

As we retreat


Wind scraping at our faces

As we pass through many places

Familiar spaces

My heart races


Afraid but fearless

I must confess

My life was a mess

And you relieved this stress


A New Orleans bar

Drag Queens with guitars

Driving in your car

The memories are not so far


Sweet Georgia Peach

Was within our reach

Again we would meet

Again you would teach


The years went by

We always said hi

Time does fly

When you try to hide


Los Angeles appears

Again you are near


It’s not the same

You are in pain


As I lay by your side

And look into your eyes

I can’t help but cry

I know you are ready to die


Feeling helpless, angry and sad

I want to break something bad

You are my friend

The one who rescued me

Ran through the wind and the rain

With me

Laughed with me, cried with me, and lied for me


RIP Cheryl Marie Mickens – I miss your beautiful soul

Even in your death, you are still bringing more life to my life. See you- but not yet 😉

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