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Fulpmes Austria

To date Austria has been my favorite place to explore for a couple of reasons. First because when I was invited by a very special fellow nomad and wanderer to visit this incredible place it was in June and the landscape was breathtakingly beautiful. And second because I stayed at an surprisingly marvelous hostel called Doug’s Chalet that was simply amazing in so many ways. From the welcoming host himself, to the sauna, hot tub, full bar, drinking games, rock climbing wall, pool table and massive projection screen in the comfy lounge, this place really does have it all. And  not to mention the endless amount of adventure activities to be had in Fulmpes and Innsbruck that can be organized and hosted by this rad group of daily awesomeness seekers. And since it was my birthday week, I thought, why not do it all?Chalet Experiences

So the week started with some volleyball on a beach, next to a lake that was surrounded by green mountains and clear blue skies. Yea, you read that right. Unbelievable. As I gazed off into the horizon I thought, wow, it would be really cool to fly around these mountains and catch a birds eye view of this valley. Or did I actually say it out loud because right after I thought that I had only thought it, one of the volleyball players announced that whoever wanted to go paragliding through this valley, it was possible. No way – I’m so in!! So the next day (and for around 80 euro I think) the arrangements were made and I was off to drift through this wonderland- and you can see the video of that here if you like. Fantastic! You know what else would be cool? Hiking – no wait, mountain biking, no no wait… how about tree top climbing and ziplining! Ahhh yessss, Austria has that too! And so the day after the paragliding, we went and played like monkeys in the tree tops and this was also too much fun to not capture on video. Yea, you can also see these and more on the youtube channel.


Innsbruck Austria, Chalet ExperiencesAnd just when I thought it couldn’t get any better for an adventure junkie like me, and as we were all relaxing in the Chalet, Doug says – “Who would like to go snowboarding or skiing tomorrow?” Whhhaaaattttt? Where? Isn’t it summer here right now? With a sly smile, Doug agrees that indeed, it is summer, but that doesn’t stop Austria from getting down in some fresh powder on the glacier. Again, this was another video opportunity and you can see a little bit here. I have stayed at many hostels around the world, but this one… in this place… it is really exceptional I must say. I highly, highly recommend a visit here any time of the year. You will not regret it, this I can promise you.



Oh did I forget something? Yes, I believe I did. The nightlife. Yesssss!! Innsbruck is a bit of a college town, and so with every good college town comes… you guessed it.. awesome nightlife. I can’t recall exactly the names of the many bars we passed through before we finally ended at a place called Jimmys. I remember this one because it was exactly what I was looking for to end my trip in Austria. Some black light, deep bass, loud and obnoxious electronic music to dance until sunrise to. And this is where I must thank some fellow American tourists who also stayed at the Chalet. Thank you boys for taking me out dancing this night – I am forever grateful for your willingness to tolerate my manic must-see-everything, kiss a random stranger (or two) and hear all the music until sunrise attitude. You were such good comrades to party with, and I adore you all.

So yea, Austria for me so far has been the best. It just had it all – amazing adventures, breathtaking landscapes, friendly people, and great music. What more could you ask for right?

What has been a place that moved, excited or inspired you and why? Do share you stories by clicking on the comment button below!

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