Marta from Poland Spares Some Change


Hello, my name is Marta and I am from Poland. I study International Tourism Management in Aberdeen, Scotland and work in a hotel as a receptionist. But I’m not a receptionist, I’m an activist, although I think I did it wrong until now on so many levels. I start to realise my degree in one of the most tricky and evil industries is not just a paper to have, but can really serve as a tool and puts me in a perfect position to change some more. It was a safe environment to be a part of People and Planet, a student activist network, supporting the anti sweatshop movement and fossil-free campaign, but now that I’m about to graduate, I need to figure out how much of Marta is there still left without the “student” status and how can I continue doing what I was doing out in the real world. But I’m not afraid anymore, I’m thrilled; opportunities to do better are countless and I know I’m not alone.

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