Epic Festival Backpack Checklist

As a traveler, I love to meet new people and attend big events that promise great music, food, fun and vibes, and this includes the massive Woodstock Poland festival that I am now on my way to. While dreaming about attending this event, I was also dreaming about what I would bring with me, and decided to share with you what I feel makes an Epic Festival Backpack Checklist. I have included links to my favorite products and the ones I personally use here if you care to explore this further!!

The Epic Festival Checklist:

1- Two Way Radios

2- GoPro Hero 4 with 2 extra batteries, charger, and selfie stick

3- Drone copter with video/photo camera (I have a simple Syma X5C EXPLORER drone)

4- Glow POI

5- Facepaint

6- Smartphone (I use the Android S3) with the festival app if available!

7- Earplugs

8- Portable Speaker

9- Flashlight with extra batteries

10- Headlamp

11- Tent Hammock

12- Travel Pillow

13- Finally, your toiletries, clothes, shoes, swimsuit and towel.

If there is anything you feel is missing, please do share your thoughts in the comment space below!!

Wide Eyes

She is not sleeping.
Her petal like eyelids flutter,
Colorful irises,
intricate layers of spirit
She lays there
Awaits memory of dreams had.


A woman,
yet child-like.
She curls up her body,
beneath the sheets
she feels safe,
A womb,
a hidden space,
a delicate sanctuary.
Wise and understanding beyond
the years of her earthly life.
Calmly peering out.

Author: Kristina Sumpthin

crystal ball, witch, magic, poetry

Chair Therapy.. It’s not what you think.. or is it?

When I hear the words “chair therapy”, automatically I think of sitting in a chair in some office with a therapist and talking calmly about feelings. This is NOT that. This story is about a completely new kind of therapy that appeared to me by complete divine intervention for lack of better words…

Here is my story:

When I was at the impressionable young age of 13, I made a commitment to never get angry with anyone… ever. At the time, I made this decision because I lived in a household that spewed anger from its foundation, from its walls, and even floated out of the windows and doors. The amount of anger in this space was enough for a whole neighborhood it seemed, and I did not enjoy feeling it constantly pushed in my face so to speak. So yea, I made this promise. And I kept it… for two decades.

Fast forward to now, and the realization that anger is not necessarily a “bad” or “undesirable” emotion as I had labeled it so many years ago, but instead can be a very healthy one when experienced appropriately.healthy anger, warrior spirit

Let me explain this with more background…

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BioDanza- The Dance of Life

My direct experience with BioDanza:

As you can see in the video, Biodanza has quite a positive impact on the participants. For me personally, after taking only 3 classes (which range from 1.5 – 2 hours long each) at the Jonathan SeminarHotel in Hart, Germany- I was loving it! At first it was a bit awkward, as I am used to dancing in my own space, and usually in a loud, crowded, dark night club to bass filled electronic music. But this is quite different from that! In this class you are invited to get connected on a bit of an intimate level and it really tests your level of comfort with yourself, and with complete strangers. As a permanent nomad for the last 3 plus years, being up close and personal with strangers is something I have grown quite used to, and yet, I was a bit intimidated at first. But once the music starts, the energy is infectious. The classes I took part in always started with high energy exercises and gradually slowed down in intensity, and by the end it was a big cuddle puddle which was just fine by me! And when the weekend fest was over, it was as if this group of strangers had become a bit like family, chatting away over lunch as if they had known each other for years. All in all, I would say it is a great way to get in touch with yourself, and with others in completely uncomfortably comforting experience.

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