Top 10 things you can do to care for your skin while traveling

Backpacking around the world is totally awesome, but not really for your skin. The dramatic changes in climate and the nomadic lifestyle can reck havoc on your skin and age you prematurely if you ignore the largest organ of your body. I have found some ways to organically and affordably treat your skin while you travel, and thought I should share them with you here.

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Volunteer! Ways to learn and share

while you travel…

There are many ways in which you can turn your vacation time into something more of an experience to remember and also to directly learn about a new place and culture. One way to do this is to volunteer with a family, group or organization and help with a project and lend your skills (and learn some new ones!) in exchange for accommodation and (usually) all meals are also included. I personally like to use three websites in particular to enrich my travel experiences which are,, and Let’s take a look at each website just a little bit closer to better understand them. You can click on each link below to be taken directly to the websites for further exploration!

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Below is a list of apps for smartphones that I personally use as I travel around the world (you can hover over the titles for click-able links to each one). I have found that they are all very useful and I have used every one of them since they were downloaded to my Samsung Galaxy S3. Most are absolutely FREE and easy to add to your phone. If you find something useful that is not on this list, please do share it in the comments section! UPDATE: I have upgraded to a Samsung S5 Active which is a great one to have if you travel around water frequently! The apps listed below? Yep. Still using those 🙂 

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Imagination. This is the key to creating your universe… just imagine…

More than anything, the questions and comments I receive from people who follow my blog on Facebook or here on this website usually cover the same topic. It goes something like this, “I would love to travel like you do, but I can’t because of such and such (not enough time, money, courage, luck or otherwise). I decided to write this article to show you that you could not be further from the truth with statements like these. . . or are you closer to your truth? Let me explain…

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