Traveling on a motorcycle –

a definitive yes!

You want to travel through a country and you can either go by foot, definitely a good idea if you are super-human, or you can choose a vehicle to roam through the landscape. Some will tell you rent-a-car will be the best, most comfortable option, and they’re absolutely right. However, if you prefer adventure over a little bit of comfort (and you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be traveling right?), you could choose a cheaper, more nature-worthy way to travel and see all the sights right under your nose. What is this way that I am referring to? Motorbikes! Cheaper, more in line with nature, and makes for the best experiences and memories!

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Bangkok’s Most Killer Destinations Without the Crowds

Bangkok is a chaotic mess, what with the tourists bustling in all through the year. It’s energetic, and stays awake even at night. One can never get used to the intensity of this city, and having beautiful places to go to for a calm environment is necessary in a city such as this. Although it is difficult to find such places, it’s not impossible. Here is a list of some of the most pleasant places in Bangkok that haven’t been touched by the crowds.

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The Absolute Fashion Basics | Fashionable Living on the Road

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Looking great while traveling can be a challenge for even the most stylish of fashionistas. There are only so many clothes, shoes, and accessories you can stuff into your bags, and it can be hard to know which must-haves you should pack for your trip. However, looking chic and put together is still totally doable while on the road, and many have mastered the art of creating cute and comfortable outfits from a few select pieces. Read on to learn about everything you need to know about looking fabulous while living out of a backpack. 

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