The pyramids in Egypt

Sphinx, Cairo Egypt, pyramids in egypt

The pyramids in Egypt

The best work out without knowing you are working out…

When I arrived in Egypt, I was very excited to see the pyramids. I have had a fascination with hieroglyphics and pyramids since grade school and could not believe that I would actually be visiting them! After meeting a fantastic new friend named Fabrice from France at the Dahab Hostel in Cairo, we were off to explore this wonder of the world. . .

Sphinx, Cairo Egypt, pyramids in egypt

Take that Sphinxy!!

When we arrived at the pyramids, it was very surreal for me. The sphinx looked like something out of a Hollywood movie – surprisingly smaller than I thought it would be, and with the reconstruction that was happening, part of it looked brand new – not thousands of years old as I was expecting. As I slowly approached the pyramids behind it, I was quickly approached by tourist guides asking if I would like to tour by camel or horse. I politely declined explaining that my body could do the work for me, and that I did not need to use the animals. All of the men were polite and smiled, thanking me and welcoming me to Egypt which was a relief as the Cairo inner city “tourist guides” are relentless and will follow you for many blocks attempting to get you into some store to purchase something. After spending some time there, and meeting so many of them, I understood their tactics and wrote about it. I call what they do the hello my friend game. 

Cairo Egypt, pyramids in egypt

When we reached the pyramids, I was so tempted to climb the outside of them, however, with every turn I made, someone was there to discourage me from climbing, which ultimately, I discouraged myself because I think I could have gotten away with it if I tried harder (one of the only things I regret from this trip). But then we found out that we could climb inside one of the pyramids, so we went for it. The video of the decent into the womb of this giant pyramid can be found here. When I entered – climbing backwards and with my pack on my chest as it was too low to carry it on my back, the stairs seemed to go on forever. I kept looking back at Fabrice like “Are we there yet?”

When we finally arrived deep in the womb of this massive pyramid, the air was as thick as mud. I could hardly breathe so needless to say, I did not spend too much time inside. It was quite impressive though- looking at the massive stones and wondering. . . how did this thing get built? It seems impossible. . .


After walking around the pyramids and deep into one of them, the next day I was so incredibly sore everywhere! I have been backpacking for quite some time now, and can carry roughly 50 kilos around for a couple hours before I start to feel it, but this. . . climbing the pyramids in Egypt? Nothing quite compares to this surprise workout which also left me with not only sore muscles, but in wonder of how it’s even possible that this structure exists to begin with. Impressive to say the least.

Have you been to any place on this earth that made you think “How did that happen!?!?” Please feel free to share your stories and thoughts by using the comment button below!


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