How To Run A Business While Traveling 

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How To Run A Business While Traveling 

Becoming a digital nomad is a dream for most. Breaking out of the office nine to five and taking to the road whilst at the same time building a powerful online business.
The problem is it’s pretty tough.
A mix of increasing competition and a lot of misinformation online means most people who start an online business with the goal of becoming a digital nomad actually end up failing. But for those that succeed the efforts are well worth the results! In this post I’m going to talk about how to run an online business while traveling and 3 key tips I keep in mind when I work with clients, build my software or start a new project.

This is a guest contributed post, and the authors bio can be found below! 🙂

1.) Systemize Or Automate From The Start

The first key is to systemize or automate everything you do. If you’ve ever read the E-myth by Michael Gerber then you’ll know what I mean here. Every single process in your business needs to be systemized, from the hiring of your staff to the processes of your actual service or product business. Assuming we want to work as little “in” our business as possible and spend most of our time working “on” it, we 100% must build systems that either automate the “in” process or make it very easy for us to teach a virtual assistant or a member of staff how to do something. This also allows us to spend the majority of our time on building processes to
market our business. For example, creating advertising, marketing material or funnels instead of
managing clients or customer service. This gives us more time to enjoy the locations we travel to and will allow us to take days or weeks off at a time knowing our current systems are in place working for us
serving our clients and customers.

2.) It’s all about internet!

Assuming you want to grow a brand as large as possible, we need fast internet. One of the biggest mistakes people make when they go traveling is to simply decide on a location that “looks cool” and get going. Of course we want to go to incredible places, but we don’t want to sacrifice our business as a result. Double check the quality of internet for any location you are looking to go to for longer than a few days. If you’ve implemented tip 1 then losing a couple of days shouldn’t make a difference for your business, but 5+ days frequently and you could be potentially harming your business and career as a result of simply not thinking ahead!

3.) Meet People; Build Relationships.

My final tip is a key to traveling in general, it’s to travel to meet people and build experiences not just “see things”. But, we also want to be meeting the right type of people. When I travelled to Eastern Europe in early 2016 there was a few things we did right and many things we did wrong. One of the best things was meeting a group of incredibly cool and like-minded business people. These meet-ups are usually called digital nomad meets or online entrepreneurs meet-ups. And of course, is great to find these. Not only are you meeting like-minded people and sharing experiences, but you are also getting in front of your potential clients and customers. Depending on what you sell will depend on how relevant these prospects are, but during the Eastern Europe travels I meet hundreds of incredible people and actually landed 2 clients who have scaled with us and are now 5 figure per month clients and the best part of all, they have the same values and interests as myself so are more like friends than clients nowadays!


Don’t be afraid of traveling and growing a business at the same time. Some of the best businesses in the world were started in a tiny shack by someone who simply had a great idea whilst they were traveling. Also, do not be worried that your clients or customers won’t buy from you just because you are traveling, if that is an issue for them then these are not the people you want to do business with anyway!

Author Bio

Tom Buckland is an Amazon marketing consultant helping Ecommerce businesses
market & get set-up on Amazon, as well as how to optimise product listings for
better organic rankings. His website is:
Twitter – @tombucklandseo

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