Smells Like Fruit Rhapsody

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Smells Like Fruit Rhapsody

A good fragrance is really a powerful cocktail of memories and emotion. Everyone and everything has their own personal scent, and whenever it surrounds us, it has the power to take us back to that person and that place we once were.

When we travel, it is not just about surrounding ourselves with the scent that will remind us of some place every time we smell it, but also about taking care of our skin with crèmes and lotions full of healthy ingredients, vitamins, and the fragrance of our favorite fruit.

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beach sceneOnce Upon A Time…

Scent has the power to take you to the past, to a place you went many, many years ago. It can remind you of all the amazing things that had happened, of all the people you met on your way; all you have to do is just close your eyes and everything will replay once again right in front of you. This familiar smell can make you feel like those people are right there, that you can almost touch them, and experience everything once again.

In A Land Far Far Away…

Fragrances are instantly – and mostly unconsciously – connected to emotions, mood, and memory. It has the power to fill us with energy and keep us awake and ready for an up-and-coming adventure that we are ready to take. When you travel to new places, it is important to experience every moment and to not miss a thing. You are here now, and who knows when you are coming back, so why not live every moment to its fullest?

When you are in another culture –it’s great to mingle, to learn about it and the people you meet. However you should not forget about yourself. Your skin might react differently to the change of climate and that is why organic skin care is emphasized when you are traveling.

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There Was A Fruit Rhapsody

When on a summer trip, know that watermelon and melon are the most popular fragrances, as well as passion fruit and orange. But when on your way to the seaside, citrus strawberry with tap notes of mandarin, lime and strawberry will hydrate your skin, and keep it healthy and strong. Just imagine yourself sitting on the beach in your pink watermelon swim suit, working on your tan and smelling like a raspberry cream cupcake: a scent of fresh raspberries, pear and apple, followed with just a touch of Madagascar vanilla that will take you to the beaches of this African country instantly. Nothing better for long hot summer days than relaxing on the beach, laying in a deck chair looking at the ocean while sipping strawberry kiwi smoothie made of orange slices, lemon frozen ice, kiwi and pineapple.

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However,crushed coconut the particular smell of fruit you are about to choose for yourself depends solely on your character and sensibility. Those who are extravagant, impulsive and described as world-travelers by their friends will always go for an apple; coconut is for sociable and witty, and mango for those who like challenges in life. Oranges for shy, whereas peaches are for frienly and independent people. And finally, bananas are for soft at heart and loving; those who are on the road to meet their soul mate.

Pick your scent, pick your fruit, pick a destination, and do not let anybody or anything stop you on your way.

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