Social Experiment

social experiment

Sure is 🙂

Social Experiment Number. .  ?

I love giving free hugs!! I just love it! And not to mention the euphoric high you can get from the simple act of hugging another person.. imagine that times 210! Whooohooooo!! And this free hug high can last for days! There is actual scientific proof that hugging is good medicine and you can read more about that part here!!

So with every new country I visit (with the exception of Tunisia as they might actually kill me or at least arrest me for it… more on that later), I love to introduce myself and make a little social experiment in the new community by offering some free hugs. Annnnd I’m now addicted to Oxytocin I have come to realize through this social experiment. And no, Oxytocin is not some new street drug found in a dark back alley somewhere in the UK, your body actually makes it for you! Click on the link above to learn more about this amazing natural “trust hormone” if you care to know more about how you can induce feelings of optimism, increase self-esteem and build more trust in your life.

OK ok – So when I was in London, a friend of mine actually caught this free hug love in action!  I hope you can enjoy it as much as I did and it encourages you to get some of your own Oxytocin flowing in your mind body and soul!!

There are also more videos that can be found on my youtube channel here should you fancy a look at these other random social experiments and adventures. 🙂


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