The minimalist backpack video

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The (somewhat) minimalist backpack video

Many of my readers ask me this question – “what is necessary to bring on an around the world backpack trip?” And my answer is always the same.. it is usually just a series of questions in return. In this (somewhat) minimalist backpack video, I hope to answer some of those questions by sharing what gear I carry with me.

1- What kind of traveling will you do? Will it include lots of hiking and camping, or do you plan to be sleeping in hostels or hotels and/or volunteering in communities?

2- What is your weight limit? You can only carry so much, and finding a suitable weight will help you in your decision on if you bring 2 or more pairs of shoes, or that must have hair dryer and extra large toiletry bag with you…

3- Will you be documenting any of your journey and in need of some technology? And have you considered the weight of these items as well as how to protect them?

In the video below, I literally go through my backpack bit by bit and show you what I started off with, how much each cinch sack weighs, and how to properly pack the weight and item distribution between sections. There are many kinds of travelers, and many options for gear, so asking yourself the above questions is a good starting place. Do share your list with us if you have one!

I do hope this video gives you a jumping off point as inspires you to imagine what you might need for your next adventure! If you are still wondering if something like this is for you, I recommend reading why backpacking is awesome!

Comments and questions are welcome below as always.

Happy Traveling!

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