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The top 10 ways travel has changed my life Travel will change you. It will change you in subtle ways, and it will change you in dramatic ways. Sometimes it will change you in ways that you don’t fully recognize or even comprehend in the moment, but after some time on the road, you will start to notice these things that seem to magically appear into your reality. After reflecting on over three years of backpacking solo through over 33 countries, I realized that travel has indeed changed…, build a yurt, DIY Yurt,

Welcome back everyone! After preparing the earth and surrounding space (you can see those steps here in Phase 3), it was time to start building the foundation. We need to keep the moisture of the earth from reaching the wooden foundation, so the first step was to roll out some tar shingle paper across the 5 meter circle. This paper lays across the top of all of the bricks that were placed in the previous phase. Once the shingle paper was laid, the next step was to build…

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If you have not yet read Part One of How do Build a Yurt, You can read that here. So, you want to build a yurt, well here in Phase 2 it’s all about the planning. Yurt Build Phase 2- Planning the dimensions Before starting the clearing of land and trees if necessary and the purchasing of supplies process, a road map of sorts to the completion of the project from start to finish is created. One of the steps is to design the yurt itself which appears…

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