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Samsara Daydreams  Samsara. The soft green blades caress my soles As the cool breeze gently kisses my face Reflections in the mirror Shaky images of white and blue Surrounded in a golden hue An ever growing distant space Between here and there The grumbling halts The humans fall silent Everything else comes alive Flames from below Water to the side This is where I reside. Falling into the clouds Taking flight How I will spend this night And it feels alright 🙂 This poem is for Samsara, my…

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I must Believe! The taste in my mouth was dry and sour, and a powerful surge of energy was building up inside of my chest. Now was the time I thought as I silently scratched my name across the papers that would make my divorce final. Coming back from Central America after a four month backpack trek, I was feeling rejuvenated and alive. I was feeling free. The amount of personal power gained from the experience, I hoped, would carry me through this process. Just then a lump…, my hammock and ipod, tent hammock, daydreams

Why I love my tent hammock and iPod… Daydreaming ahhhh how I love daydreaming. When I started this adventure in Central America, I bought a Lawson Tent Hammock for when I wandered into the forests and camped out with gangs of hippies or by myself a few days at a time. This wonderful creation has since then become something so much more to me and this is why after the Central America backpacking trip ended and the around the world trip was planned, it made it onto the…

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