almost arrested

Being approached by police in a foreign country is never usually a pleasant experience. This time is no exception. If you did not read the article about practicing the laws of attraction and creation, there is more background on how I even was here in the first place. With that said… When I was learning how to sail on a 52 foot Catamaran appropriately named Space in the Med sea with my trusty captain we will call Cupcake and cruising around the coast of Spain, we decided to…

onenomadwoman, law of attraction

Practicing the law of attraction and creation. Ok so we all should know about this by now, but for those who are new to these laws, please do google them, watch the movie “The Secret”, (although the movie does leave out some key elements that will be discussed later) or ask a friend and see what you find out. For me, well, I have been playing with these laws for quite some time now (subconsciously for most of my life, semi-consciously for about 6 years, and consciously for…

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