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Spare Some Change: Meet Michael Hello my name is Michael and I am 16 years old. I enjoy video games and Japanese Anima and am a passionate music enthusiast and horror junkie. Change needs to happen ..

The hello my friend game – Northern Africa At the time of this writing (February 2014) there have not been the usual amounts of tourists in Morocco, Tunisia or Egypt – which means for you fellow backpacker, that there are many more “tourist guides” then there are tourists. It is almost impossible to walk down the street as a solo female backpacker without being accosted by several local business men – and I call them business men because they are all business. It goes like this – you…

Hi – My name is Fatma Souie and I’m 19 years old from Tunis. I’m in my first year of college studying Language, Literature and Civilization English. My interests are in arts (music -dance-theater…) and sports. My future plans are to be a successful girl. Anyway, I am a funny girl and I’m ambitious because I want to be that girl who her parents become proud of her. And as a first step I belong to UGTS (General Union of Tunisian Student) because I want to make my…

spare some change, onenomadwoman

Hello my name is Amine (pronounced Ameen) A little bit about me: I am in my last year of medicine studies, and enjoy reading, IT and TV. Also, I belong to the Mepi Alumnus organization and am gifted for finding lost stuff (keys, money, important papers, etc)

spare some change, onenomadwoman

Hi! I’m Miss Jamila Camara. I’m an A level actress and choreographer and my interests are in arts and sports in general. I’m not in any association and I’m a free person. Thank you very much 🙂


My name is Fabrice, I’m from France. I have a master of genetic and one of Sophrology Caycedienne. I’m a primary school teacher, and I love my job. I do vipassana meditation. I like being in the nature, traveling and feel the energy around and inside me. I’m part of an association called # Ecoute l’univers # (Lesson the Universe), I’m also for biodiversity.


Hello everybody. My name is Kader Henchiri and I a from Tunis. I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in the English Department, but am now retired. My interests are in Policy, Music, Literature and Cultural Programs and I also enjoy poetry and education.

M name is Ines Cherif. I’m 19 years old and I’m in my first year of college studying English Business. .. I enjoy Theater and listening to music- I’ve performed 2 plays before in an earlier age but I didn’t have the opportunity to continue acting because my parents were against the idea and wanted me to focus on my studies and that was fine by me. Anyways, it may seem extremely ridiculous from me to confess that but I’ve always had big dreams and huge hopes for…


Hello. My name is Imen Ben Beyna and I am from Tunis. I am a student currently studying with a double degree in English and International Relations. I enjoy dancing, reading and political matters. I am not part of any association but I would like to be a part of supporting peace in the world, and my future plans are to travel the world.  

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