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Pre Vipassana Meditation in India During my meditation the hands grip tighter around my neck and I struggle to swallow. The throat crushing force has held me now for four straight days, and I am beginning to wonder when it will finally either suffocate or release me. As I am slowly strangled, my mind has been let loose like a runaway tribe of wild horses tasting freedom for the first time. They stampede any attempt to rein them in, and leave me and those invisible hands face down…

Sri Mooji, satsang, meetings in truth

Satsang with Sri Mooji I have not written a thing for this blog since arriving in India apart from the Incredible India article, and not because I have not been inspired… quite the opposite actually! I have not written this time because I have been allowing myself to just be in the flow as my natural state of being. Not focused on documenting the experiences as they come, and rather just being the observer without an agenda. And this has quite possibly been the most powerful experience I…

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