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How to clean a backpack: Effective Tips for You Your backpack may take a toll from salt, dirt and general damage while in transit or from normal use. You may minimize dirt built by regularly wiping your bag, but sometimes it will need much more than that. We will provide here a brief guide on how to clean a backpack in order to help you extend your bag’s lifespan. You will need to wash your backpack at least a couple of times every year. Our guide will give…

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Winter Backpacking Checklist: Things You Need To Survive When you are planning to do winter hiking or high-altitude climbs, having the right gear is a prerequisite. Everything out there is your enemy. And while you think that you can conquer the extreme elements, it just still easier said than done. This is why having a winter backpacking checklist is essential in order to better guarantee your survival. Years ago, I made my own winter backpacking checklist. I did it so that I can help fellow hikers and climbing…

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