Tent hammock and iPod daydreams…

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Why I love my tent hammock and iPod…

Daydreaming ahhhh how I love daydreaming. When I started this adventure in Central America, I bought a Lawson Tent Hammock for when I wandered into the forests and camped out with gangs of hippies or by myself a few days at a time. This wonderful creation has since then become something so much more to me and this is why after the Central America backpacking trip ended and the around the world trip was planned, it made it onto the backpack list of essentials. This is why…

After leaving LA and driving across the country, I found myself at my mother’s house in Florida preparing for this new trip… you know, packing my things and leaving her with my car, my super neurotic Terrier dog, and all the rest of the few things I had left. This is when I began to notice that I was feeling some angst and anxiety about what I had chosen to do next. So I decided to take out my tent hammock and hang it up in her backyard and bring along my iPod.

Then something really strange happened. I started to daydream. I mean, really really daydream. I saw myself flying like a butterfly- with massive wings that had literally spouted magically from my back. I would float and spin in the air, as my wings gently opened and closed silently and I slowly started to rise above myself- soaring higher and higher. I also saw myself swimming like a dolphin in the most clear, beautiful water I could imagine. I saw myself smiling, dancing, laughing, playing… all around the world and in locations that so far only existed in my mind and maybe in some wild mushroom induced fairy tales. As I continued to daydream, my angst began to fade, and it was replaced with a wild excitement. I then found myself wanting to be in this hammock more and more. This is when I decided that this little wonderfully crafted piece of awesomeness was definitely going on the trip with me. Against the advice of fellow travelers, I packed the extra 4 pounds of gear into my backpack and am so glad that I did. On my iPod I have created a list of daydream songs I enjoy the most – you can find them in the article  iPod Daydreams if you are interested to know what they are.

Three months into this crazy trip when I was in Germany, on a work-away project at a spiritual seminar hotel (which is a whole other story), I again put the hammock up when I found myself asking questions like “what is next little miss nomad?” and “what is it that you really want to do from here?” Then something really incredible started happening. As I laid in my hammock in the perfect stillness and quiet with these questions in mind, the universe began to speak to me. The answer came quite quickly actually – it was simply put “I want to work from my computer, doing only what I love, and travel the world”. It was that simple. But then came the next questions- “What do you love?” Oh man… I love just about everything. I mean that quite literally- well, expect for mean people, olives, most seafood, and my biggest pet peeve is really bad breath. So I spent the next three weeks for about an hour a day just laying in the hammock, with my daydream playlist going softly through my headphones and into my subconscious and being still. Each day I would just imagine myself doing things that I love- snowboarding, speaking new languages, hiking, camping, laughing, and the list goes on.

Then one day, it was like I had a direct link to the cosmos when BAM! a flood of ideas started downloading into my mind. It was like prayers being answered I guess you could say. I listened for a while before I decided to grab my notebook and write these things down  because I was afraid at the rate that the ideas were coming in, I would lose some of the information. As I wrote, everything became crystal clear to me. I would pursue all of these ideas, two at a time until they were all up and running on their own. And that has been what I have been up to while I journey onward. One of those ideas was this travel blog, and writing these articles. Some of the other ideas were much more complex and required collaboration with many talented people across the globe, but luckily, as I have been traveling, I have been fortunate enough to have met many of the people who are now working with me on these incredible projects.

www.onenomadwoman.com, lawson tent hammock, daydreamingSo this is why I love my hammock and I-pod and can’t possibly see myself traveling without them . . . ever again.

I have found this amazing hammock on sale here if you would like to check it out for yourself and get your own daydreaming on 🙂

I invite you to share in the comments section below what some of your absolute must have items are and why!!

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  1. Ain’t nothing better than sittin a hammock listenin to your favorite tunes. I spent a good portion of my nights in Guatemala doing this up on the hill it was beautiful. Thanks for sharing this!
    Love You

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