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Travel is new, challenging, yet uncomplicated toilet systems, with and without water and/or paper. It’s long walks down dusty, donkey sighing filled streets with scents you cannot quite place. It’s filling up internet data cards and allowing your smartphone notifications to eat up the balance before you ever get to use it to map out your next move. It’s not having an internet connection at all for days and weeks at a time, but finding a better connection right in front of you.

Travel is communication charades on steroids. It’s getting lost, getting found, and then purposely getting lost again. Travel is sitting in the stillness of the sahara and then dancing all night long at a silent disco. It’s realizing that there are charming people everywhere, each with their own intentions. Travel is a heightened awareness through all of the senses, a bombardment of sensory data that leaves one feeling heady with intrigue and curiosity. Travel is limited choices in clothing, but unlimited choices in style.

It’s open grass fields, deep enchanted forests, jagged cliffs and tall mountains. Travel is chicken buses, mopeds that sound like large angry mosquitos, water taxis, and floating baskets. It is the realization of what little you really need to have to survive, and being surprised by what that is. Travel is embracing and being embraced by other beings on planet earth. It’s sharing love and receiving love. Travel is constant change and ultimately a way to your true course correction. For it is when you leave all that is familiar, and venture into the unfamiliar, that you find you truth.

Written by -Melissa Jennewein. OneNomadWoman

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  1. Beautifully written! Keep on expanding and experiencing and being more you!

  2. Thank you Esther 🙂 I have found myself in the strangest place of all – America! It’s interesting to return to the country you were born in and feel like an alien 😮

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