Traveling on a motorcycle – a definitive yes!

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Traveling on a motorcycle –

a definitive yes!

You want to travel through a country and you can either go by foot, definitely a good idea if you are super-human, or you can choose a vehicle to roam through the landscape. Some will tell you rent-a-car will be the best, most comfortable option, and they’re absolutely right. However, if you prefer adventure over a little bit of comfort (and you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be traveling right?), you could choose a cheaper, more nature-worthy way to travel and see all the sights right under your nose. What is this way that I am referring to? Motorbikes! Cheaper, more in line with nature, and makes for the best experiences and memories!

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Directly face the scenery

travel, motorbike, motorcycle, minimalism,

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Traveling on a motorbike is like ditching the comforts of a car to run wildly through nature, to immerse in the scene, to feel the place passively and into the air that you breathe! In a car, van or bus you are confined into a place, you have stay in there, feel the air through the windows and try to enjoy from a human-built cage. What’s the point in traveling, in trying to enjoy and breathe in the new place if you will do it looking from a tiny human prison? Ditch the comfort of the car, let go of the dependency on the little cage and become part of the whole view, not just a passerby.

Be free!

Motorbikes give you an unmatchable freedom. They are the next closest and efficient thing to walking, which is definitely not a no go, or a bicycle, which is too energy and time consuming. This is your way to having easy access to roads, or to be on foot whenever you feel like it. Just stop at the very small little road to just observe, where a car would need a place to park,a  motorcycle can just squeeze right in and you could just jump on the road and let it sink in, the sight, the smell, the feels and take pictures way more easily, and conveniently. If travel isn’t convenient, then what’s the point?

Observe and Interact

travel, motorbike, motorcycle, minimalism,

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You are in a new place, wandering and seeing the sights, delving into everyday things that people do there, observing the traditions and local entertainments, but you are just a distant observer and you cannot make a connection to the level where you could feel like you are the place you are in, the people that you meet, the freedom that you see. A motorbike will give the access to just simply park anywhere, get off and randomly make connections, to sit on one place and notice the everyday lives of people that exist in that place, to just be a part of the place you are in, a part of the nature, a part of the little piece of universe within your extraordinary world.

The Hidden Corridors

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When you are in a new place, what is better than to discover secret passageways, hidden roads and unseen sights mostly looked over by tour buses, cars or larger vehicles?  Discovering the mostly looked over places feels like you have found a little secret that is just yours for an eternity, a chunk of the place that just breaks and resides in you for a time to come. That access is given to you by a motorbike, which lets you roam in nooks and crannies, the sides no one exposes, the hidden beauties that go unnoticed.

The world of glitches makes it a better place

You will lose the way. You will have flat tires. You will get frustrated. Of course things like these will happen, it’s not a perfect world is it? But traveling by a motorbike is not just a normal travel; it is taking the world in full force with all its rawness and complexity, its taking in an adventure with highs and lows, and enjoying it to the fullest. All the problems that arise will be fixable, but what you take from the adventure will be something that sticks on, the memories that will give life a definition.

Cheap and affordable

Motorbikes are both cheaper to rent or buy and require less fuel than cars to drive around. Using less fuel means once again additional savings, and it’s also better for the environment at the same time! Especially on longer trips, the fuel cost savings really add up.

Additional tip: Make sure your tires are always inflated correctly. It is not only safer, but also significantly impacts fuel consumption.

Stay careful, life is a gift

travel, motorbike, motorcycle, minimalism,

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While motor biking is a great alternative to cars and buses while on travel, it has its own hazardous downsides like driving a motorbike when you are inexperienced.  That goes along for any vehicle, but for motorbikes it’s especially a very big fact you must not ignore. Always wear a helmet, and know your way by keeping a map or GPS nearby. Take your time inspecting the bike, checking for damages, working lights, horn and brakes. To be on the safer side of rental bikes, always take thorough photographs to avoid any damage charges that a sales person might try to charge you for. The proper attire is long pants, long sleeves and closed shoes. Lastly, never ever go over the speed limit. Remember, it is always better to be safe than be sorry.

This is a guest contributed post, and the authors bio is below!

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