10 Things I’ll Never Forget In Traveling to Southeast Asia

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10 Things I’ll Never Forget In Traveling to Southeast Asia

When it comes to traveling, my go-to would be Southeast Asia. It isn’t only one of the areas with a lower cost of living, but there’s something about their culture that makes it far more interesting than any other area. Once my family and I started traveling together, I made it a point to always plan a trip to countries around Southeast Asia in order to open my children’s eyes on the different places and culture that’s way different than what we have in our hometown. From the food down to the locals, we learn a lot more things visiting Southeast Asia rather than simply reading books or watching movies!

10 Things I’ll Never Forget In Traveling to Southeast Asia

There are so many memories made and things I’ll never forget whenever my family and I travel to Southeast Asia. It’s definitely one of the best places to be. From learning experiences or the coolest experiences, I’ll show you everything I learned and will never forget during our trips there.

1.The market scene can be close to deadly. You’ll be squished during night markets, and you’ll hear screaming and shouting of customers and sellers, usually the latter trying to showcase their products and get your attention! And haggling is very different, with an amusing process. You’re sweating, you’re flustered, but in the end, you’ll have the best souvenirs. The night markets are the best because that’s where they have everything, from clothes down to food and souvenirs. And did I mention that almost everything is negotiable?

travel in southeast asia, things to do in asia, backpacking, asian food, wanderlust, onenomadwoman, best place to travel, cheap travel, asia,

2.The food is very different. You’ll see your usual Western restaurants, but if you want authentic Southeast Asian food, then you’ll definitely find the oddest but most interesting dishes. Some may not look as appealing, but they are definitely delicious. Just make sure to bring “familiar” food, especially when traveling with children who are picky eaters. You’ll be seeing a ton of bizarre and unique dishes such as grasshopper crackers of octopus legs!

3. I will never forget how cheap it is to travel around Southeast Asia. It’s the reason why I keep coming back with family. It’s even cheaper when you’re camping, with a family tent costing almost nothing at times! Hotel and accommodation packages aren’t as costly compared to home, and you are able to easily go anywhere without it costing an arm and a leg.

4.The weather can be horrendous at times, especially if you’re there during summer or the dry season. It’s different from back home, where it’s sunny yet breezy. But in Southeast Asia? You’re either feeling the humidity or heat of the sun, so it’s best to bring a lot of tissue and to be ready for sweating! You’ll even find them selling mini fans to accommodate those who can’t handle the heat, it’s crazy yet awesome!

5.The locals around Southeast Asia are VERY accommodating, with each country having their own different culture. Though they are different, they are all very hospitable and ready to help. Their kindness is one of the most unforgettable things I love about the continent!

6.The places! I will NEVER forget the beautiful falls and mountain views of the Philippines, nor will I forget China’s historical landmarks! They are all fresh and clean, and your whole family can easily trek up with you to see the views. You can even see children climbing up mountains with the whole family!

7. Like mentioned, I’ll never forget the locals. But you’ll also never forget their interesting cultures as well. There are loads of different attitudes and traditions you’ll experience, and while it may be different, it’s interesting and unique to practice. You and your whole family will definitely learn a lot, just like mine.

8. The activities go far from visiting temples and climbing mountains. You can go rappelling down falls, skydiving from airplanes, or even bungee jumping and taking food trips in night markets! Southeast Asia is home to all the activities you are able to do with family (Though I suggest to skip the very dangerous ones when with children!).

9. Southeast Asia has the BEST camping spots that are affordable and with beautiful views. Pack in a family tent, go trekking up the mountains, and view the stars and experience the amazing sunrise. Camping has got to be one of the most unforgettable experiences I’ve had with family when traveling around Southeast Asia. We’ve camped under the harsh rains down to the hottest of days, but in the end, it’s so worth the camping experience.

10. The last thing I will never forget in Southeast Asia would be the smiles and laughter I see in my children as I witness them experience the new things they’ll never get to see at home. To watch them learn and love the experience makes me keep planning trips back to Asia just for them to keep learning and appreciating the life they have as young travelers.

In Conclusion

If you’re thinking of taking your family somewhere outside the country, then I definitely suggest you check out Southeast Asia. It’s family-friendly with tons of exciting things to do, and you’ll definitely learn a lot going out of your comfort zones and experiencing the new cultures out there. And don’t worry about it being too “rural”, as they are very modernized with a ton of awesome places and parks to check out. So what are you waiting for? Start checking out the best places around Southeast Asia today and plan that trip with your whole family!

Author Bio : William is an outdoor enthusiast , he loves traveling and is willing to share interesting experiences on his trips. You can find tips and guides to camping on his blog Pandaneo.com

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