Vegetarian Diet: What made me change my mind

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I have started a Vegetarian Diet, and this is why…

When traveling you encounter strange food in almost every new place – this is to be expected and is part of the adventure. However, when I was traveling through Northern Africa (Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt) I started to experience this on a whole new level. There was one imagine that has been stuck in my mind more than all the rest, and will probably will remain there forever.

One day as I was walking carelessly through the souk (central market area) in the southern region of Tunisia, you know, browsing the through the sections of all of the items for sale and watching the people, I came to where the fruits and vegetables were on display for the vegetarian in all of us. After purchasing some bananas and turning around, that is when I saw him. His wide eyes and slow shifting from foot to foot caught my attention, so I went closer to him. As I got closer, I started to notice that this very young, majestic looking creature had a clear fear in his eyes and a sense of panic came over me. “Why are you so afraid?” I thought.

After I noticed the rope that tied his foot to the concrete slab below him, is when I saw it… possibly the reason he had such a fear in his young eyes. About 10 feet behind him, hung another of his kinds head on a steel spike, and next to it, the legs of this once living creature were also swaying with the wind. I froze. I was so sickened by the scene, and so completely stunned that I could not move a muscle. I just stared at the baby camel, and understood the panic I was feeling was his own. After what seemed like an eternity, I tore my gaze away from this sight and clutched my bananas even harder and quickly fled the scene.

That night as I lay in bed, the images kept haunting me- replaying in my mind over and over again. The shifting of the camels feet, the darkness in his eyes, and the remains of his mother? swinging in the wind behind him. These images led me to question my own consumption of food. I started doing some research and found that being a vegetarian is not so bad for me, for the animals, or for the environment either. It has been about two months now that I am still alive without consuming the flesh of another being, and I must admit that I am feeling amazing. Shortly after this decision, I found another reason to keep going with it, and you can see it for yourself in the video below. Warning, the video is graphic, and I don’t recommend watching it on a full stomach- especially if you just ate one of my past-time favorites… bacon.

Have you had a moment in time where something you experienced had such a profound effect on you that it made you question everything you believed to be true before? Do share you thoughts by leaving a comment!


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