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My name is Melissa Jennewein. AKA: Melish, Melicious, That Crazy Girl, Melgyver, and One Nomad Woman. I am a wanderer, wanderlust pursuer, drifter, seeker of laughter and love, and giver of free hugs.. In 2012 I donated 98% of my belongings and have been backpacking the world ever since then. I had decided that it was time to chase inspiration, challenge myself, and search for the answers that I am seeking to the secrets of the universe- both the internal and external universe and the connection in between that is. I want to know too many things about this amazing human experience. I want to fill myself with the wonder and excitement of a 5 year old again testing this body; playing with and enjoying the simpler things in life and letting each new day be a surprise. To be interested, curious, friendly, and free to chose what suits me again is what I seek. So far along this journey, after visiting over 40 countries on 4 continents, and 32 of the US states, I have found myself in many interesting situations:


As a part of global kindness movements:
FWD group – International Women’s Rights (Tunisia)
Peacelink LivePeacelinkers
Free Hugs Campaign
1billionrising movement
Spare Some Change Tour

When learning about food:
Milk. It does a body good?
The Vegetarian Diet- What made me change my mind

Almost being arrested in 3 countries:
* Spain
* Turkey
* Tunisia

Becoming familiar with Spirituality and Self Love:
Going on a date with the hottest girl I know
Sahara Spiritual Retreat
Charles Kunow & Jonathan Seminar Hotel
Great People to Learn From

Trying new things:
Building Fire Poi
Learned to sail a 52ft Catamaran on the Med Sea
Trying all the extreme sports in Austria in one week
Climbed the pyramids in Egypt

My Background

I have always been on the move and filled with Wanderlust. From the moment I was born, moving to a new city, state or country each year was not uncommon as my father was active duty military in the US Air Force and flying around is indeed their specialty. It was with this constant changing of geographical locations that I came to realize very early on that the constant unfamiliarity inspired and intrigued me. At the age of 14 my father was stationed in Florida, and by 15, we had not yet moved again. As my fever for adventure and first hand information grew, I knew that I must satisfy the craving. I started traveling again on my own sometime before my 16th birthday, and have been moving about ever since. It wasn’t until 2012 that I decided to make this traveling a full time thing though. First I finished college earning a Masters Teacher Credential and degree in Education and had taught children in Los Angeles for a few years. Then one day I thought to myself, in order to be the best teacher, I must first be the best student, and I wanted a global education.  And this is where a new story begins…

About the Blog

This website and blog came in existence during a trip into the Sahara. Well, it did not come into existence then, but all of the ideas for it were born there. It was in that stillness, that silence of the sand that inspiration struck me yet again. I felt that it was time for creativity, for writing, and the time for sharing this adventure with others to manifest itself. Many people (including other travelers) had been asking me along the road and online questions about how I do this, why, and what I was learning so far, so it felt even more appropriate to create this blog. I hope you find some useful information, a few laughs, and the inspiration and courage to venture to infinity and beyond while you are here. It is easy to surf around this website to find special topics using the surf this site link or the tag cloud which are both located on the home page. Your virtual contact is also welcomed if you have anything specific to ask that is not already covered on the site, and I can be reached by email at onenomadwoman@gmail.com.

I hope to inspire others with this blog and show that the world is not as dangerous as the media (especially in America) claims that it is. There are so many people around the world who are willing to open their homes, their hearts, their minds, and share their cultures, traditions, and love with you. The possibilities are endless really, and I encourage you to explore this amazing planet that has so much to offer!!

Feel free to LIKE the Facebook page and share it with any of your wanderlust friends to inspire travel as I feel it is absolutely the best education you can invest in!! On the Facebook page (as well as here) there are links to my youtube channel, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. I look forward to hearing your stories, and thank you for your interest in this blog and your desire to travel!! 🙂


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