Wide Eyes

crystal eyes, reflections, womans journey

Wide Eyes

She is not sleeping.
Her petal like eyelids flutter,
Colorful irises,
intricate layers of spirit
She lays there
Awaits memory of dreams had.


A woman,
yet child-like.
She curls up her body,
beneath the sheets
she feels safe,
A womb,
a hidden space,
a delicate sanctuary.
Wise and understanding beyond
the years of her earthly life.
Calmly peering out.

Author: Kristina Sumpthin

crystal ball, witch, magic, poetry

2 Comments on “Wide Eyes

  1. HI OneNomadWoman and Kristina:

    The poem is so lovely! It makes me want to curl up in bed, relaxed, unworried and unhurried with a good book. Thank you for the reminder about the value of SLOW.


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