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OneNomadWoman nominated for the Liebster Award

Melissa’s first blogging award!A nice and loud shout out to Spirit of Enzo tweeter at @spiritofenzo and blogger at SpiritOfEnzo  for nominating me for a Liebster Award, my first blogging award.The Liebster Award is an online award given out by fellow bloggers to new bloggers with under 500 followers to congratulate them / highlight their blog. It is a great way of networking and introducing new people and sharing ideas in the community and having a bit of fun.The Rules

Thank the blogger who gave it to you.
Answer the eleven questions they ask you.
Nominate eleven bloggers with less than 500 followers.
Ask those eleven bloggers eleven questions.
Let those bloggers know that they have been nominated so they can continue the chain.

So Spirit of Enzo, here are my #liebsteraward answers;

1) What host and/or templates do you use for your blog?
I use Gator hosting and the WordPress platform for my onenomadwoman blog, but I also use Wix for an additional site that I have created. The template I chose was the adventure theme.
2) What travel experience most changed your perspective on the world?
Traveling through Northern Africa (Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt mostly) has changed my perspective on the world more than anything else. I have had many perspective altering experiences, but wandering through these cultures have really opened me up to different ways of living, believing, traditions and more. Although I still don’t fully understand it, (being from Cali and all) I am more open to others from this part of my trip.
3) What/Where was your most memorable overseas meal?
Most memorable meal overseas. . . I guess that would have to be the fantastic food found in Turkey. The Ottoman kitchen really knows how to please every bit of my palate. The flavors are so varied and diverse, and the attention to this is incredibly satisfying.
4) Should reclining seats be banned on aircraft? ( @bemusedbackpacker posed this and I am fascinated)
I think not. :) Reclining seats are a god send after a long day of travel, or an expected long flight.
5) You can go on a three month trip tomorrow, where?
I would start in India, pack through Nepal, on to Thailand, Phillipines and Indonesia, down to Australia and then New Zealand.
6) Top five cities visited (not lived in)
1- Istanbul, Turkey
2- Prague, Che Republic
3- San Pedro, Guatemala
4- Cairo, Egypt
5- Nassau, Bahamas
7) Which are better books or e-books?
As a traveler, I would have to say e-books because they are lighter ;) but when not traveling, I prefer an actual book in my hands… something about the way it feels and smells – I just like that better.
8) Top 3 brief pieces of travel advice.
1- Read my “travel tips” on my blog for the essentials.
2- Plastic bags are a great idea. Keep individual items wrapped up in case of rain, leaking of toothpaste or other goo that’s in your pack.
3- TRUST that everything will be amazing and don’t let fear consume you.
9) Have you ever been robbed travelling?
Robbed of my conditioning, my attachment to material things, and my insanity thank god! Hahaha of my few possessions? Never.
10) Souveniers, essential or to much trouble to carry / post?
My souveniers are my memories, and the photos and videos I share with the world on my blog. As a temporarily permanent nomad, my pack weighs in at 50 kilos so, not only do I not have room or the ability to carry the unessentials, the material things don’t interest me much anyhow. I prefer the connections I make with others people and spaces.
11) Photos, remain digital or printed and put in albums?
All of my photos are currently digital as I am still wandering about. If and when I do decide to settle however, a nice hardback photo album with the top pics should be arranged somehow.
My nominations are:

My questions are

1- What has been your favorite travel destination and why?

2- If you could only carry 5 things in your backpack, what would they be?

3- Do you have any funny communication gone wrong stories from your travels?

4- Hostels or Camping. If you had to chose, which one and why?

5- Craziest thing you have ever seen while traveling.

6- Your greatest lesson learned from travels so far…

7- Where have you met the most hospitable people on your journey?

8- How much time do you devote to maintaining your blog/social media each week?

9- Have you found ways to reduce time spent on your site yet still remain productive with the content and reach? If so, how?

10- How do you fund your travels?

11- Top 3 pieces of advice for anyone considering being a traveler/blogger.

Thank you and I look forward to reading your answers soon! Please tweet me @onenomadwoman when they are ready so I can learn and share more about you and your adventures! :)

Beyond the roads…

There is something in the distance

An ever elusive


Fleeing madness


Chasing through the shrouded forests

Of the mind

Searching the soul

For it’s purpose


I am led to my heart

Which never fails to miss a beat


Breathe in deeply

Inhale the wonder within you

Don’t fear the unknown

Let it consume you


Beyond the roads you will find the path

The one that will lead you back to yourself

For it is this that you have been searching for all along


Just keep walking

Beyond the roads

And the light will show you the way



Written by: Melissa Jennewein

End of the Mayan Calendar 2012 – Rainbow Gathering – Part 3

Part Three: It isn’t the end of the world after all. . . but there is literally shit everywhere…

After surviving the end of the world, my first instinct was to find Megajuggles and see if she was ok. Making my way up the mudslide bank of what was left of the edges of this once gentle passage of water, I slip, slide and crawl to the top. Relieved to see that the water had not reached Megas tent, I rush over and open it to find Miss Megajuggles doing some interior decorating. Laughing and spilling loads of water as I fall inside she asked what’s happening outside. Really? Don’t you know we just survived the end of the world? She starts laughing too and I take her hand to show her what she is missing.

A few hours after watching the once peaceful sanctuary turn into a wild, dangerous jungle in what seemed like an instant, the sun finally began to rise.


not so gentle waterfalls anymore…

Yep. It’s damage control time. As we began to walk the rivers edge, we started meeting hundreds of people who has been camped along that no longer once existing edge that had been swallowed within an hour. Along with the old edge, the river also devoured tents, backpacks, passports, supplies- everything. There were now literally hundreds of people left with nothing but the clothes on their back (some of them haha) – but they had something so much more- they had a community willing to pull together for them to help in all ways needed whether it be sharing food, water, clothes, shelter or supplies. This day was intended to be a day of silence for the camp, and many were going to the Mayan Ruins for the big ceremony that would be held to honor this time of what the Mayans believed to be very significant. Yea, well, that went out the window as people scrambled to find things that they needed, to decide whether they would stay or leave the campgrounds, and even to pass the river rapids to exist the property.


crossing the flooded river in the daylight..

After helping in the ways that we could (making soup and assisting people trying to cross) Mega and I met with two other lovely female travelers from San Francisco to discuss our next move. The first thing on all of our minds were the shit pits. They are just what they sound like- deep pits dug in rows to poop in. And they were located in 4 places around the river, so after that flash flood, there was literally shit everywhere. It was a unanimous decision that we would be leaving today in order to avoid possibly getting sick.


And we were not the only one’s – about 1000 people were also attempting to leave this day as well; people were packing up everywhere. Somehow magically scoring a truck within an hour we hopped in the back with our gear and laughed at how crazy the night and day had been as it bumped down the road and back into Palenque.


Once in Palenque we met up with many other travelers who had ventured late the previous night towards the ruins and their stories were amazingly similar but the endings were quite different. Of course everyone got soaked along the hike (along with all their gear which I can imagine became quite heavy) but as there was this flash flood, the usual people guarding the temples were no where to be found. We heard tales of groups of people making their way to the temples, and climbing inside of them to get warm and dry. We met a couple who explained they started a coconut oil massage party inside one of the temples that sounded oh so delectably tempting to be a part of- something like 60 naked people all massaging each other with coconut oil as the world was ending – what a great idea!

The girls and I decided to share a hotel room and take some time to think about where the next adventure could be had. It was there that I explained to Megajuggles that I wanted to go to Guatemala and to a place called Lake Atitlan for the new years celebration of 2013. She thought about it, but as we had a week before new years, we decided to see San Cristobal De Las Casas first which is where we met Milly (a riot of a traveler, and the girl with the record number of times having her purse picked off) and met a man who we kept bumping into along our journey through Mexico as well as had the worst google translation possibly in all history. But we will start with San Cristobal De Las Casas…

Coming Soon: San Cristobal De Las Casas – The city stuck back in time…