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The (somewhat) minimalist backpack video

Many of my readers ask me this question – “what is necessary to bring on an around the world backpack trip?” And my answer is always the same.. usually just a series of questions.

1- What kind of traveling will you do? Will it include lots of hiking and camping, or do you plan to be sleeping in hostels or hotels and/or volunteering in communities?

2- What is your weight limit? You can only carry so much, and finding a suitable weight will help you in your decision on if you bring 2 or more pairs of shoes, or that must have hair dryer and extra large toiletry bag with you…

3- Will you be documenting any of your journey and in need of some technology? And have you considered the weight of these items as well as how to protect them?

In the video below, I literally go through my backpack bit by bit and show you what I started off with, how much each cinch sack weighs, and how to properly pack the weight and item distribution between sections.

I do hope this video gives you a jumping off point as inspires you to imagine what you might need for your next adventure! Comments and questions are welcome below as always.

Happy Traveling!

Great Apps to Help You Travel Smarter

Although it has always been one of the favorite activities of our entire species, traveling in the past was  a complicated and perilous matter. Leaving your comfort zone and setting off into the unknown is never an easy task. Luckily for you, the dawn of the 21st century gave birth to one of the most practical things ever made: the invention of mobile devices. With them, many useful applications came to life, some of which were designed solely to help you travel smarter. Here is a short list of helpful travel apps.

Help with the organization

First application that you might find useful here is Weather Free. This app informs you about the climate occurrences at your destination, thus helping you pack accordingly. It would otherwise be impossible to deduce what the weather or climate would be like in a place you never visited before. Luckily for you, technology rushes to your aid once again.

weather, weather app, smartphone apps

Another great application for the planning stage of your trip is Tripit. This amazing application has numerous functions for you to take advantage of, such as: setting the checkpoints on all the places you want to visit on your trip and help finding hotels, different airlines, car rentals, and restaurants. Furthermore, by connecting this application to your Google calendar and Outlook profile, you can also use it to forward the confirmation emails to the aforementioned hotels and restaurants.

The road itself

More often than not, your desired destination will be near enough that you can chose to travel by car. This can be both a good and bad thing at the same time. First of all, it is extremely convenient to travel this way since you are more or less self-reliant. However, gas prices can sometimes land devastating blows to your budget. This is why you will find the Gas Buddy application to be an invaluable asset on your travels. This app informs you of the lowest gas prices in the area, therefore, making this journey more affordable.

travel apps, gas buddy, car apps

When it comes to the road itself, Waze is completely indispensable Waze is an application which informs you about the specifics of the road you are taking. What this means is that if you are a user of Waze, you will be informed up front about any upcoming road alert or jam.

Managing expenses

When it comes to managing your budget while on the trip, the first challenge you are bound to face is dealing with a different currency.  When dealing with round numbers, there shouldn’t be a problem counting change, but tips or cab fares are suddenly not so simple. XE Currency is a useful application that can help you solve this problem in no time and count in foreign currency as if it was that of your own country.

currency converter, currency app, money app, exchange money

Still, when talking about managing your budget on a trip in general, there is nothing more efficient than Trippeo expense tracking app. Your cash purchases can be implemented manually into Trippeo’s data base, while your credit card expenses will track automatically. This way, you will be able to monitor how much you have spent on a given trip from your mobile device or laptop at any time.

Getting your way around

First problem you will face at the new location is getting your way around. Accessing a map from the internet is not complicated, but finding a place with free Wi-Fi might be a difficult task. Prices of internet roaming are so great that it is ridiculous even to consider using them. This is why Offmap2 is something that you can rely on. This application contains detailed offline maps for almost every city of interest in the world.

maps app, travel apps, getting around

Do as the locals do or Finding the local ‘hot spots’

When it comes to tasting the local cuisine, the Yelp application can be quite convenient. Since your time on vacation or business trip can be quite limited, you won’t have enough time to try everything for yourself. This is where Yelp comes to the rescue and offers you suggestions of best local restaurants based on numerous reviews.

yelp app, reviews

While we’re still speaking about help from the locals and their reviews, it would simply be unfair not to include the Localeur app. This app is the 21st century equivalent of asking locals for help, since it offers you suggestions of places that are worth seeing, based on the reviews of the local population.

Ages ago, traveling was one of the most complicated things in the world, but it still wasn’t enough to dissuade people from going on these exciting long journeys. You should reap all the benefits of modern tourism and use it to sate your own wanderlust in the best way possible. Here, yet again, you might find your mobile device to be the best traveling companion you could ever wish for. The world is now your oyster.

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