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The Hourglass

I use your master divine rhymes to open up time and dissect your lies

Times displaced thoughts get caught amongst the people as we sit in front of the illuminating spectrum projector we rot, melting with frowns upside down as I’m pleasantly aroused by eternal sounds,

My twisted fate holds no place in the grand scheme I’m just a taste n less than an instant in the pace of the creators face.

I silently lay footprints with snow dipped heels for times essence to caress,

Heavy sighs as My attention gets diverted to ideas that are inevitable,

I relax in motion with easing thoughts of time slowly dissolving.

I walk on foot stones paths laid out by future self entities in hopes I’ll grasp the fact you’ve walked here before,

Sitting in a moment of oneness epiphanies hit as the thought of time finally dissolves….. and the blessing breath from below breaths her sigh that all is one.

I dominate revelations and challenge lives made up rules only in hopes to have a real sensation,

As I meander I pick Shattered Glass tips from our political elite soulless lips ha I carelessly laugh as I discard what the many believe is hip,

I skydive from enlightenment just to reminisce and embrace,

A kiss from past thoughts made my heart break in 2, now I have 2 for u,

pleasantly awake I dream to raise my vibration and to soar again on the wings of joy,

in mid flight I reach out for your moment but alas all I grasp is memories essence in the shape of a ticking hourglass token…

Sand bleeds down as daylight ascends and I find myself walking once again alone on a crowded path traveling in the wrong direction challenging all that is shown.

Author: David Sol Vincent

After backpacking around the world for the last two years roughly, I feel it is appropriate to share the top 10 reasons I personally think backpacking is totally awesome.

Top 10 Reasons Why Backpacking is Totally Awesome

onenomadwoman 1- You learn to let go. By this I mean it gets easier and easier to detach from “things” and get over leaving that one (and usually only) sweater that you loved so very much back in Munich Germany, or your hiking shoes in Austria, or your make up bag in London. Yea, after losing a few things along the way, I started to realize more and more what was truly important in this life- and (no surprise here) it was never those few “things” I had left. I have also learned to let go of thoughts that no longer serve me- by thoughts I mean to say pre-conditioned ways of thinking that are limiting and useless- more on this one later ;)

perspective, backpacking, onenomadwoman2- You gain a broader perspective. Backpacking allows one to gain a broader perspective about this world, as well as about yourself with each new day. There have been so many times that my perspective has changed through my travels from simple things like how I used to think milk was the best thing ever, to learning what the head scarf (or hijab) in muslim culture really means for the women wearing them, to how you can find more community in places that have less resources. And this is just the super short list of how my perspectives have changed dramatically through my backpacking adventures.



coexist, onenomadwoman3- You become more tolerant. It is almost inevitable that you will come across something that simply does not mesh with your belief system, your values, or in some cases your morals. I have personally been challenged so many times in these areas during my travels, and have come out being more tolerant and understanding of things that initially rub me the wrong way. This does not mean that I have to always accept or adopt these new experiences as my own, nor do I have to fight them either. It simply means that my tolerance level to things I don’t necessarily agree with or understand has gone up quite a bit. More than anything I become curious about these things before I become combative, which I enjoy much more anyway.


onenomadwoman4- Your patience ability reaches new levels. Anyone who has been a long term backpacker knows all about this one. There are some times where things just don’t go as planned and patience is absolutely required in order to avoid stressing yourself out unnecessarily. I have learned to see the opportunities in these “unexpected turn of event” times which can become quite comical if you allow them to be. Developing more patience feels healthy to me in so many ways and I am grateful for all the opportunities I have been given through travel mishaps in order to grow in this area.




onenomadwoman, backpacking5- Trying new things never gets old. This has to be quite possibly my favorite of the top 10. There is nothing like the amazing rush you get when it’s time to move on and explore. I absolutely love trying new things and the accompanying rush of excitement when it’s time to adventure on. I can think of so many areas of my life that were an absolute bore to me and totally got old (like being able to predict my week before it even started) before I started traveling. Now, without the mundane routine of my past to haunt me, I am enjoying the unexpected possibilities that occur daily and are almost always a surprise that leaves me smiling and in wonder.


media agenda, backpacking, onenomadwoman6- The media does not control you. This is a big one and albeit a bit controversial. Let me explain. Back in 1998 I stopped watching TV and reading newspapers. Some people saw that is ignorant and stupid, but I don’t feel this way at all. I have felt what it was like to constantly be bombarded with commercials, advertisements, and fear based stories and I have also felt what it was like to create my own reality excluding these things from my vision. And I can say with certainty that I will never go back to watching television and why would I with all the amazing scenery to breathe in and people to meet?!



backpacking, onenomadwoman7- You constantly surprise yourself. Yes, yes you do. While I have been traveling there have been so many times that I have ended a day with a “Holy S$%^, was I really able to do that?” When you are faced with navigating a new country and cannot read the signs to the metro, and don’t speak the language, what shall you do? What you end up being brave enough to do makes it even easier when it’s time to surprise yourself again.




backpacking, onenomadwoman8- You make friends all over the world. This is an obvious perk of traveling around that I love. Making friends along the way is always such a positive experience that I look forward to having in each new place. Although it’s hard to say “see you later” when it’s time to go, I have found myself running into some of these people again later down the road and usually in a different country then the one I originally met them in. And with technology readily available, it’s become quite easy to keep in touch with these amazing souls that cross my path.



learning9- You learn all kinds of new skills. And by this I mean ALL KINDS OF SKILLS! I have learned to milk cows, drive tractors, build earth ships, develop websites, design things, construct things, film and edit, and so many other random things that I never imagined I would have the opportunity to learn before I left on this trip, and look forward to learning new skills every new day.




backpacking, onenomadwoman10- You find your true self. “It’s when you leave all that is familiar behind, and venture into the unfamiliar, this is when you find your truth”. -OneNomadWoman All my life I have been conditioned with others (and well meaning others who I am certain love me) ideas of what I should be doing, wearing, eating, studying, and the list goes on. When you leave these ideals behind, and start peeling the layers of what no longer serves you off, what I found was that my true self was able to be exposed. And it feels amazing to discover what really moves you- not what another thinks is best for you.

So that is the top 10 reasons I think backpacking is awesome. Do share your thoughts on why you think backpacking or traveling in general is good for your health by clicking on the comment button below!

Consciousness Engineering Challenge UPDATE

Last month I found a new meditation method called Consciousness Engineering through MindValley and had written about what I had discovered. You can find the details of this meditation by CLICKING HERE. I decided to take a 30 day challenge and share my experience with this new method, so here it is!

The first three days I found it to be quite difficult to find my flow into this meditation. My mind was being bombarded by so many thoughts that just finding the stillness to do the meditation proved difficult. However, on the fourth day, I did something different – two things actually. First, I invited to lead the meditation and simultaneously do it with a friend. Second, we took a walk to the beach at night and did the meditation while sitting on a dock surrounded by water. Not to mention that it was also a new moon on this night.

All I can say about it was that it was possibly the clearest, most vibrantly detailed meditation that I have had yet with this method. Everything was in motion, and in bright, bold colors. The connection felt deep, the gratitude came with ease, as did the forgiveness (and this time I included myself). When it was time for the 3 year visualization part, my imagination was flying. Three years down the road looked so amazing in all three areas (health, relationships, and abundance) that it took me awhile to move on to the intention. I imagined my health- a strong body that supports me, volumous healthy hair and smooth skin, and free of disease and pain. My body allowed me to dance, climb, and swim with ease. Next I imagined my relationships- I was surrounded by mature, trustworthy, loving, and creative people who I enjoyed sharing ideas, time and love with. Finally I saw the abundance in my life. I saw that I was earning a generous amount of passive income working from my computer doing only what I loved, from everywhere in the world, and helping others to reach their dreams too. Yessssssss this is my life I thought.

Then it was time for the intention. Imagining the next day – hour by hour – in color and with feeling was incredible. First I imagined starting my day with waking up next to a beautiful man who loved and adored me so completely that I could not stop smiling with him. I imagined with all of my senses where I was – what the place looked and felt like that I was sleeping in. I imagined starting my day being fed some fresh fruit before sauntering off to my beautiful meditation room that smelled of incense and was very silent and comfortable. After meditation I enjoyed a super food smoothie before going to the open air terrace for some morning yoga and fitness. After this, I played- and each time this changed. Sometimes I played poi on the beach, sometimes I went hiking with my lover and my dog, sometimes I went swimming or played in the sand with others. When I was finished playing, I enjoyed a lunch of sushi, rice and salad and would then climb into my hammock for some quiet daydreaming.

After a nice siesta, I found myself in a room with a wall of windows that faced the ocean and a desk with three monitors where I would spend some time writing and creating. On the walls in this suite were story boards for some of my ideas and post it notes with positive affirmations that I would glance at and review. When I was through writing and creating, I would invite my lover to watch a comedy on a projection screen on the ceiling of one of the rooms. Laying on the floor, staring at the movie on the ceiling, laughing, loving, and eating popcorn until it ended. After the movie, I saw myself enjoying a light dinner and a glass of wine by the fireplace again with my lover and my dog was usually there too.

After the intention, I finished the meditation with the blessing. I imagined the white connection light (which I had been sitting on the entire time) changing in color from white to pink and moving back up my body – my feet, knees, hips, belly, chest, neck, mouth, nose, eyes – until it reached the top of my head. Then this light beamed off back into the universe as I thought the words I am loved, I am protected over and over. The light left a tracer back to me that looked like stardust and faded slowly as the meditation was done. When finished, I could not help but to smile and feel good. After 21 days of this meditation so far, I think that it may just become a habit for me now. I am curious to see what other visions come to me over time, and look forward to waking up into this awesome daydream.

Do share your thoughts on this (or any other meditation you love) by clicking on the comment button below – I would love to hear what is inspiring and moving you too!!